Democracy-A Compromise Story

Democracy is a inclusive system of governance which ensures that no individual is left out of the political loop. It tries to make everybody happy by giving every group and individual a little bit of everything;but no one is entirely satisfied with what she/he has recieved from the system.

It is a common sight in democracies such as India to see women complain that they are being discriminated in homes and at workplaces while men complaint hat women enjoy unfair privilages such as free education and reserved seats in BEST buses,local trains and various special concessions.The rich complain that the poor dont have to pay taxes;while the poor complain that the economic policies of the government are making the rich richer and the poor poorer.


The youth complain that the older generations stifle their spirit with their conservative views on clothing,music and social norms, whereas the elderly complain the abuse at the hands of their own children and the rising crimes against senior citizens. Animal activists complain of cruelty to animals, while the rest of society complains of the rising numbers of stray dogs and monkeys in the urban areas. Environmentalists complain about how the increasing number of vehicles are causing the destruction of ecology ,whereas the car owners complain about the petrol prices and the state of roads. Hence in a democracy every section of people have only some of its intreasts secured, and that too at the interests of the other sections of the society.

Shreedeep Gawde

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