The world’s first tiny wearable HD camera

UBER COOL + FUNCTIONALITY is what today’s technology is all about. We all know about Google and its much awaited “Project Glass” concept, a computer eye wear that captures photos and videos. So, what’s the big deal about this kind of tech? Well for starters, the technological term is “wearable computers” and this is something beyond smart phones and science fiction. A tech revolution is currently underway trying to integrate tiny networked computers with glasses, watches and even shoes! Right from wrist watches to bracelets to the star trek+ mass effect inspired visors, the computing world has been digging into the advantages of socially active software smashed into a portable recording hardware set wearable on the fly!

ParaShoot(PS) is an enterprising device that aims to grab attention with its 720p HD video recording. A new and promising entry into the Gadget World, its looks super cool and has immense potential for customization. Affordable and laced to a strap, you can wear it as a necklace or wound it around like a wrist band! (Ahem! You’re not supposed to do the latter.)

The minimalistic device (48 x 30 x 11 mm) was recently given a sneak peek online and has been garnering attention thanks to its wearable tag. Tech Analysts deem ParaShoot to surpass the successful run ofMemotoa predecessor whose functionality was limited only to image. Co-founders Matt Sandy and Colin Glaum assure that ParaShoot is compatible with “all smartphone platforms”

Roughly the size of a SD memory card, it also houses a powerful stand-alone reliability. PS is madly flexible with lots of options- you can set specific time lapse pauses to record those otherwise beautiful, life defining moments without any hassle! A dedicated PS app allows smartphones to be paired into remote controls and viewfinders. The PS cloud service comes with unlimited storage at a nominal monthly fee. (Alright, stop panicking, there’s an internal flash card-16GB & 32GB!) The image-video content , can be shared via e-mail, social media platforms like FB, YouTube and also projected from all smart devices (smart phones, tablets, notebooks, displays) wirelessly through your smart phone or conventionally through a desktop via USB cable.

RememberRain meter, the ultimate customizable skin-theme software?(don’t tell me you don’t know Rain meter!) Well, ParaShootis the hardware counterpart, an unambiguous remainder of how customization plays an important role in gadget design and success. Right from the detachable neck strap that houses the batteries to the changeable custom front plates, ParaShoot is a user’s delight and makes for a cool gift to that loved ones of yours.(I just wish they had Katy Perry custom plate  series L)

All this at < than $300!

The first 500 backers of the project are seriously the lucky ones! Para Shoot will be available at a lesser cost of $149(which also includes a 16GB internal storage memory, a spare battery, a thirty days free cloud storage package as well as one custom cover plate!) Those who wish to back this project can make a $1 minimum pledge at the Indiegogo page.For all those early birds, you save $100 + free goodies that include a 16GB card. And for those who wish to feel the adrenaline even before it hits the market, pre-production models are available for $500 along with a 32 GB card which is quite genuine provided all the fun and goose bumps!

Oh wait! Here’s some news for Apple fans. Apparently it involves Siri, the voice application software. Forget setting time intervals for the camera to record, just say “ParaShoot” and voila! The idea is still in developmental stage so calm down.

Privacy – this is a hotter topic than the device itself. The Cloud Architecture is completely safe and encrypted. What’s more, the backers get a free cloud storage package for the first thirty days! By default, thePS cloud content is under a private visibility mode unless you want to share.

The focus, NOW, is on wearable computing. Various wearable recording devices are being developed as I write now, but going by the number of backers and public comments, ParaShootseems to be a strong contender at present.

For more details, visit here and here

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