Doing wonders with little things!

College life is said to be the most happening years of your life, a time which you can never ever forget. And actually, you don’t even want to! Engineering is boring but we all do it (at least some of the people I know and me personally) just for the degree and the job at the end of it. *Sigh* Ambitions and dreams are a part of the parallel universe now where I am doing what I love in life. But none the less, college years make us do the most spontaneous things ever.

Talking about spontaneity, the times when the mess food was utterly disgusting, so much that it would make you lose your appetite, I would buy a packet of Maggi and make it in the small kettle in the room and eat with a satisfactory smile on my face. As such frequent days just went by, plain Maggi too became monotonous. So we tried something else, this time we brought butter into the experiment. And then we had our movie + butter Maggi nights. Happiness I must say!

Surprisingly I came across someone who did wonders with that tiny kettle that is just capable of boiling water. I wondered how! She would actually buy onions, eggs and butter along with salt and pepper, stack them in the room and make a scrumptious midnight meal out of it. Now you too are wondering how? Well, she doesn’t want to reveal the secret to her magic. So all I would do is, wait for her to make Maggi for me, while I would watch a sitcom and enjoy the bowl with delight.

This is not the only thing that I learned during these hostel stays. In fact, birthdays turned all of us into inventors; you know creating cool stuff out of the uncoolest things. Now, don’t thing about anything else except food. Birthday cakes were redefined. We made them out of nutella, Britannia cakes, milk, Oreos and dairy milk. They were NEVER a fail. They turned out to be the best we had ever eaten and every time we surprised ourselves. How awesome we are right! What more? We made choco pie cakes, muffin cakes and even just a dairy milk cube cake.

One and a half years and then I won’t have time for such experiments because then I will enjoy the usual KFC, McDonalds and my favorite Chinese and Italian food restaurants. Maybe down the road, when I want to test my excellent culinary skills, I will give a shot with the knives, blenders and oil and spices, maybe break some glasses, create a mess of the kitchen and lay down a beautiful dinner table. But till then I think I am good with the small stuff. So all of you out there, try out the little things in store worth some little money to help you feel good about yourself.

Rukmini Sengupta

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