We are always told to be careful about the demons of the outside world, but what about the demons around us? The ones we interact with everyday, the ones we call our friends , our dear ones? Why aren’t we ever told to be careful of them? Such is the message of Imtiaz Ali’s Highway. He has once managed to give us a very fresh and unusual love story and he has done it with perfection.  But he had already created his image of a cutting edge director, this movie is just another feather added to his cap, however it was Alia Bhatt’s acting that pleasantly surprised me. her portrayal of Veera as a damsel in distress and then her transformation when she discovers freedom along the way is both realistic and captivating. Randeep Hooda plays a contract kidnapper from a small village in Northern India and is so convincing as Mahaveer, you tend to forget through the film, that it’s the charismatic and charming Randeep Hooda that you are looking at. AR Rahman has created magic once again with his haunting and earthly compositions and his experiment with Alia Bhatt’s singing talent has worked amazingly in the song Sooha Saha.

The movie takes you through the journey of Veera and her kidnapper Mahaveer across 4 states of northern India. Veera plays the daughter of a rich and influential father and has never known and felt freedom the way she desires to. Amidst the preparations of her marriage to her fiancée Vinay, she wants a time out from all the festivities and sneaks away from her house for a little drive with him on the Delhi Highway. It is here where her entire life changes. She is kidnapped, she is confused, she is tensed, she tries to escape and is even given a chance to, but comes back to explore the unexplored. I don’t want to give away the entire story, in case you haven’t watched the film, all I can say is that it’s a beautiful journey  of self discovery and of changing perceptions and revelation about how inaccurate the judgements an individual is subjected to can be. A love story that’s conventional if you compare it to certain plots in other movies of the Indian cinema, but unconventional in the way it has been made.

sonakshi biswas

I m pursuing my managment degree from NM college. I love to write, click pictures and listen to music. I am huge movie buff and I love English soap operas and sit coms!

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