20 kgs- *POOF!*

20 kgs.

And all gone.

Seems impossible?

Well, it isn’t.

Meet Torsha. Torsha Datta Chaudhuri.

The girl who struggled with her weight like many of us. Yet she stood out.

How many of us can really be that determined to stick to our diet-plan, accept the challenge and well, just DO IT !???

Okay. I couldn’t. Struggling with my waistline… the oh-so-many-diets followed (half way through counts! ) losing some weight… and gaining ‘em back… it is like an on-and-off relationship. Such love.

But well…then there’s Torsha.

Torsha… who gave up all hope on her dietician. Educated herself on her daily calorie intake. Learnt to cook low calorie food.  Followed a doable exercise regime. And lost the baggage the right way.

A friendly chat on a wintry afternoon, basking in the weary sun:

Me: Tell me about your blog.

Torsha: Shedding that baggage is my personal documentation of my weight loss journey. I write about diet, fitness, exercise, food and life in general as an obese girl. The blog is a journal on my attempt at losing 100 pounds (out of which I have lost about 44 pounds already).

Me: There are a lot of us who want to lose weight… stay fit… but we lack the willpower… all the New Year resolutions come and go… so what was it that made you stick to your resolution?

Torsha: It was a culmination of events that told me enough was enough. The last straw was getting detected with thyroid. A health scare did it for me. That and the grumbling of fellow passengers on the auto.

Me: What were the difficulties that you faced when you started off?

Torsha: The most difficult part of trying to lose weight is managing your social life. My social outings involved food somehow. High calorie ones. Pizza hut, dominos, Cakes- you get the gist. It is still difficult to say no to friends and family. Trying to pick outings like movies might help, but a well meaning friend is sure to spoil your attempts a few times a month.

Me: Is there an incident that you would like to share? Some differences that you see in yourself?

Torsha: Incidences overload actually. Fitting into dresses I wore 5 years back, recording my first 2-digit weight in 4 years or thyroid reducing…

Me: Any tips for the new ‘Karenge… Larenge… Jitenge…’ people?

Torsha: Apart from the usual don’t crash diet, eat healthy, exercise moderately gyan- just stick on. It’s tough. Scales won’t budge at times and there will be days when you will go off track and eat a lot. Don’t lose because 1 day was bad. Stick on and the scale will budge before you do.

You can follow Torsha’s blog at- http://sheddingthatbaggage.blogspot.in

Picture Courtesy:warwickshirefitness.com

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