Doors of Possibility Awaits..Are you Ready to Enter??

“Roti, Kapda aur Makaan” (Food, Cloth and Shelter).

No, I am not talking about Manoj Kumar‘s bollywood  flick of the 70’s. I am trying to portray the surviving requirements for every human being.

 However, the same has been brushed aside and replaced by a new tagline

 “Roti, Kapda, Mobile aur Makaan”.

Today, Smartphones, Ipads, Touchpads are our constant companion day in and day out and hence I am sure everyone would relate if I call ours as “Tip of the Finger” generation.

Eleanor Roosevelt said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Today we stand in a world that has equipped itself with such technological advancements that the picture down the road 18 years ago has completely changed when we first got to experience the mobility power in our country. Our lifestyle, surrounding, mentality has changed more drastically after we have entered the era of Y2K.

We are getting introduced to more profound variety of technology everyday and yet our tech savvy mind yearns for more. First, we were tied to Wired communications, then came Wireless and finally came the Touch functionality integrated wireless devices.

Now, the hungry Tech minds are moving towards new direction and taking technology to an entirely new level where “Air Wave Motion” and “Speak To Function” approaches will rule our daily lives in the days ahead.

Let me introduce you to a brand new member in the family of technology popularly known as “Google Glass”, a project actually termed as “Project Glass” being undertaken by the giant $100 Billion Google corporation and introduced in the year 2012.

I am pretty much sure that the name “Google Glass” must have stricken your diligencewith the thought that it’s something related to a wearable device or rather an eye frame.

Google came up with this concept of “Wearable Computer” that would be ubiquitously present with us at all times. It would support us with all the technicalities of texting, clicking pictures, recording videos, playing music, navigating through GPS, translating languages and much other functionality via a simple Voice Command. The best part being a worry free, hassle less device that can be worn just like any other glass frame and yet serves a major and unique purpose in the techno freak world.


The integrated voice command allows the user to control the functions through simple English commands such as:

“Glass, take a picture” and a picture is taken.

“Glass, translate “How are you” in French and the work is done.

“Glass, record a video” and in a fraction of seconds you would be recording a 720P video.

Apart from this, the Glass automatically gives you directions if you get lost at a new place, it’ll pop out the nearby restaurants, parks and also the current weather forecast within a second. All these information will be displayed at a screen to the right end corner of the frame and at a distance of 8 cm from the eyes without distorting the normal view of the user.

A touch functionality panel will also be integrated so as to operate it using hands. However, the “Voice in Command” feature is what sets it apart from other devices.

We could make video calls while travelling without any other additional hardware, listen to the latest track in trend, connect to our friends and family and share our moments with the integrated social networking sites (Currently it supports Google+ and Hangouts).

Just type in “Google Glass” at the Google search engine and you can watch videos and features on what it could actually accomplish.

Quite a few numbers of enthusiast (US citizens) have been able to test out the “Explorer Edition Glass” for a price of $1500 and Google has also opened up slots for more number of applications to distribute the Beta Version as well. The Glass was supposed to be out in the market by 2013 but Google co-founder Eric Schmidttold BBC in April that it might take one more year for it to be available commercially which means 2014 would see the advent of a new technology in the market. The price has not yet been finalized yet but Google plans on setting up a price that would appeal to the masses.

Soren Kierkegaard once said: Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards

So, cross your fingers tight and hold onto your heart as a new Technological Giant is entering our lives soon and it will alter the entire perceptions of surviving methodologies currently known to us.  Surprises await us along the way.

Are you ready to embrace it??

Darshan Blon

I am a keen learner and observer of things.I love travelling and listening music.Learning languages is my passion.

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