Would Fancy Cars Compliment the Taste of India?

Imagine  you are walking on the streets of Mumbai and you see a fiery red Ferrari go vrooooom via the Bandra Bandstand! The first thought that occurs in your mind would definitely be “Ailaa! Sachin ki sawari!”

Rolls Royce, SUV, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, are all categorized as fancy cars that cost a fortune but are also a status symbol, that are extremely difficult to purchase, but are worth every penny, that automatically create an aura of importance around an individual. The moment you are caught stepping out of one such car, you are the apple of everyone’s eyes, along with being the source of everybody’s envy as well!

But surprisingly, according to surveys and statistics, the highest purchase and sale of premium cars is seemingly said to occur in Punjab, Chandigarh & Haryana; which even beats the record of our capital – Delhi. 

No wonder even our Bollywood films portray a mere middle class guy driving around in a fancy car. Because a car speaks! It not only makes a style statement but also creates a first impression – on a complete stranger, a passer-by, an on-looker, a colleague, everybody!

When the wheels of such cars grace the streets, people stand up to see. The best example to justify this would be A Maruti 800 v/s a Pajero. Although, there is no comparison, even a non-fancy-car freak would praise the latter.

A Maruti Suzuki, an Eco, an Alto are said to be fast fading away from the market- Cars which depict practicality and comfort! That are not only cheaper compared to fancy cars but also provide decent mileage and are definitely long lasting! A Nano and Chevrolet are said to be ladies cars; merely because they are convenient and handy? And no body even considers a Reva! Discrimination in cars as well?

Remember the saying “All that glitters isn’t gold”  Well, just like that, these fancy cars are at a disadvantage in many fields. Imagine driving an SUV in a crowded street through a densely packed traffic jam?

Once in a while it is fine to ogle at a Lamborghini that happens to zoom by on the road, it is also fine to cruise around in a Land Rover. And although a Limousine is every human being’s ultimate desire, it is just Not sensible and advisable to own such a car, especially if you live in a country like in India! Definitely not until you own a private road!

After all, the majority of India’s population comprises of the middle man, and the aam admi dreams big, but owns small! 

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