Passion leading to a disaster

Passions are meant to make lives better and brighter, but not a disaster. This over enthusiasm is driving the youngsters to the unwarranted destination, “death”. Even though one is aware of the multiple accidents taking place, biking and racing has still been an everlasting passion among the teenagers. A new trend has set among them to modify their bikes for increasing speed and zap the empty roads with adventurous stunts and drive at furious speed.
All this craze for racing and driving at high throttle begins in adolescence, because it’s the age where one gets easily influenced by his/her peers and drifts towards the new trends. But this fad does not long forever as “driving at high speeds is just a trend till certain age” opines Vishal Krishna. He says “Since riding is one of the first dreams for any guy, anxiety and passion lead them to drive at high speeds. Earlier in college, I used to drive my bike as if flying in the air. But with the growing traffic and increasing accidents, I prefer driving slowly and take a pleasant ride”.
Every lad treats his bike as his first girl friend. Modifying bikes and racing is always a life-time passion for a youngster. It apparently gives a fulfilled joy than cars. Rohit Casula, an engineering student says “When we follow certain principles like wearing a helmet, proper control over the bike, follow traffic rules, accidents can be easily avoided. We shou

ld follow the rule of the road but not rule the road”.
These days girls are competing with guys in driving at high speeds. Puneeth Gupta, an MBA student says, “It’s so surprising, I see so many girls participating in the race clubs; they drive real fast. They are no less compared to guys. I drive fast because I like things passing behind me.”
“Cell phone driving has become a new fashion in the recent times. Avoid it because a call can wait, but not life” says Tanvi Sharma. “I had a cousin who met with an accident and expired because she was driving her car at a great speed and messaging her friend on the phone simultaneously.”
The ultimate interest of driving a bike begins in a youngster once he is out of school.Riding a bike is not an issue but driving out of sense matters a lot. A.K.E Ravi Krishna, DCP Traffic 2 opines, “Most of the youth do not follow the traffic rules and drive without a valid license. Parents should monitor the children’s movements and should not encourage them in buying costly bikes. At such an age, they easily get influenced. They should hence be properly counseled. Using public transport would reduce accidents to an extent.”
Be safe by following the traffic rules, as life is precious and do not allow life to be snuffed out just because you are passionate about speeding on the roads.And most importantly, let not road rage overtake you.


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