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Game of Thrones-Khaleesi-Dragons-Lord Stark-Winter is coming-NightWatch-The Lannisters, etc , etc. 

Ah yes! The moment, you hear the name of Game of Thrones, a plethora of exciting images fill your mind- blood, injustice, fighting, unrestrained sex, knights, celibacy, love and so much more. To start with, Game of Thrones is a three season TV series based on the book series ‘A song of Fire and Ice’. Undeniably, every scene in Game of Thrones is a very bold attempt. The makers of this series have not shown restraint in depicting anything that is not written in the book. If it’s written in the book, it’s shown in Game of Thrones. It doesn’t matter whether certain scenes are suitable for a particular audience or not, if a specific scene is significant to the series, it’s shown mercilessly. Yes! Without mercy! You will see knights cutting down other people’s heads, women in the most pitiful condition, Mother of Dragons eating the heart of a horse and other scenes which might make you want to retch badly. But in spite of all this, there is something so gripping about this show that you can’t just quit watching it. Anyway, I won’t tell what Game of Thrones is about, because you can always Google-search about it. Instead, I’m gonna talk about the five most noticeable and insightful aspects of Game of Thrones. 

1. Of Blood and deaths-  Joffrey Baratheon is a little boy. And he is a King. He’s the king of the Lannister empire. And he likes to watch games being played right in front of his eyes. Do you know the games I’m talking about? I’m talking about the game of death. There are two knights involved in this game and the only way they could entertain their King is to fight each other. Eventually, either of the knights gets killed in the end. And not just Joffrey, Game of Thrones is full of deaths, people being killed mercilessly, people getting beheaded for small crimes, etc. If one person comes to know even one dirty little secret of someone else’s, he’ll be killed. 

2. Prostitution- Littlefinger, Lord Baelish, is the Master of Coin in the Small Council. He also has a business. He owns a lot of brothels. Game of Thrones smoothly eliminates the obvious embarrassment caused by sex scenes. What normally is banned by Censor boards is shamelessly shown in this show. And you know what? People love it! The scenes also highlight how in the ancient times and still sometimes, females are used as prostitutes to lure political rivals into one’s vicious traps. And the funny thing is, women accept doing it happily. In Game of Thrones, even marital rape is prevalent.

3. Chauvinism and Feminism- Game of Thrones is the only series that I’ve ever seen where half of the women are subjugated while the other half is treated with respect. Where many women are used as prostitutes or beaten in public, there are three females who have always amazed me. First is Lady Stark. Lady Stark is pretty amazing. Although she let The Kingslayer escape, she’s strong, independent and responsible. In spite of losing her husband, her daughters Sansa and Arya and also seeing her son Bran escaping death, she stood firm by her son Robb’s side. The next is Daenerys Targaryen. She is the protagonist of Game of Thrones and she is the mother of dragons. She’s the bravest of the lot and she supports justice in every form. And the third one is Arya. She is Lady Stark’s youngest daughter. She is a tomboy and has a fetish for sword-fighting. She is bold, fearless and has a very important role to play in Game of Thrones.

4. Celibacy- The Men of the Nightwatch are supposed to be celibate. Celibacy is probably the hardest thing for a man to accept in his life. You cannot touch a woman and you can never put your manhood to any use. In season 2nd, Jon Snow meets a female Wildling who tells him that he is not a free man. He is bound by rules and regulation especially being a celibate all his life. Indirectly, this aspect has highlighted the Church’s rules. Catholic priests are not allowed to touch a woman their entire life. And we all know how hard it can be.



5. Marriage- Okay now, let me tell you. I am completely obsessed with marriages in Game of Thrones. They’re so beautiful! The marriages are so primal, almost surreal. The couple stands in the middle of a forest. They look into each other’s eyes and take this oath, “Father, Smith, Warrior, Mother, Maiden, Cronies, Stranger, I am hers/his and she’s/he’s mine, from this end, until the end of my days. The priest ties their hands with a strong cloth and that indicates togetherness for life. Beautiful right?

Game of Thrones is a series which will leave you completely obsessed. Every episode ends with an incomplete moment and no matter how hard you try to control, you would end up seeing the next episode. There’s so much to learn and so much to get inspired from. Of all the series I’ve ever seen, this one has been my favorite and I hope you try it out too.


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