From screen to plate: Top 3 fictional food recipes to try at home

Every cartoon and tv show/movie character has their own signature dish or snack that they crave and relish. Scooby had his Scooby Snax (Routh-watering, eh, Raggy?), The Doctor (Doctor Who) had fish fingers and custard (icky but true), Harry Potter and gang had the famed Butterbeer of Hogwarts to quench their mighty thirst and keep them going in the fight against evil and so on. Now, imagine if this fictional foodstuff made its way from the telly screen to your plate. Yup, I’m talking about legit making these very dishes in the privacy of your own kitchen and with minimal ingredients!

Scooby Snax

All you need for these sugary treats is 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of oatmeal, ½ cup cocoa, ½ cup sugar, a ½ cup of butter, 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon vanilla and 1 teaspoon walnut extract. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, combine all ingredients with a tiny amount of milk, taste the batter, adjusting the amount of sugar as per your taste as you go along, place on a lightly greased cookie sheet and bake for 8-12 minutes. Et voila! It’s ready- A spook-takular treat to get rid of those growling monsters in your tummy!



For the real thing, visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. But if you wanna save on flight tickets or broomstick fuel, why not try this recipe for butterbeer at home (don’t worry, eye of newt and cauldron not required!):

You’ll need a quart of vanilla ice cream, a ¼ cup of Butterscotch syrup and 32 oz of cream soda. Mix the ice cream and cream soda in a blender until they’ve combined. Then chill a few glasses in the frezz4r for about 20 minutes, before topping them with this mixture and whipped cream, if desired. It’s as simple as ‘Wingardium leviosa’!

Of course, many other recipes suggest blending in spices like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc and some even use real salted butter and alcohol. To check out more recipes for butterbeer, visit:

Fish fingers and custard

What a weird combo, eh? Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you dip actual fish fingers in custard. This one is a recipe for faux fish fingers and custard which are more sweet than savoury and I’m sure the Doctor won’t mind in the least if we changed it up a bit, eh?

For the English custard, you’ll need a vanilla bean pod (vanilla essence/extract works too), 1 ¼ heavy whipped cream, 4 large egg yolks, 1 teaspoon corn-starch, 1/3 cup honey or light brown sugar and a time machine (just kidding. You don’t need the time machine). Jokes aside- Split and scrape the vanilla beans out of the pod and put them (pod and all) into a small saucepan with the cream. Heat until it simmers. Then, whisk the egg yolks with corn-starch and sugar till combined, before removing the vanilla pod mixture and ladling it to the egg mixture while continuously slowly whisking it. Continue to heat till the mixture achieves a consistency of pudding before removing it from heat and placing it into a bowl to cool. Defrost for 15-30 minutes for a smooth and yummy custard.

Moving on to the faux fish fingers, all you need is a pound cake cut into 1-inch slices t resemble fish sticks, 2 egg whites, a ¼ cup of heavy whipped cream, ½ teaspoon cinnamon and 5 graham crackers processed into fine crumbs. Oh, and also some butter cooking spray. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (enough to roast a Dalek to death), mix together the egg whites, cream and cinnamon in a bowl and put the graham cracker crumbs in another bowl. Dip each slice/stick of pound cake in this egg mixture, coat with the cracker crumbs and put on a parchment-lined cookie sheet. When the sheet’s full, spray on the butter spray and pop them in the oven for 10 minutes, flipping once halfway through. And et voila, you’ve got a meal fit for a Time Lord (or Lady)!

Hope these fictional foods have made your mouths water and hope you’ll tantalise your taste buds by trying out these recipes. Until next time!


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