Being a Good Samaritan, the Modern Way

Writing about being a good Samaritan and not being preachy is really next to impossible. There is absolutely no way of doing it without sounding like a person who talks just to hear himself speak. So, why not try and start with the raging new crazes? The hash tags? The Trending News? Maybe, we could find something about being a Samaritan in these.

Lets begin with the most prevalent one. and the most interesting one. And the most … Well, you get the general idea.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Need I say more? All our favorite celebs getting soaked in Ice Cold Water. Isn’t that fun to watch? My personal favorites are Benedict Cumberbatch’s and Robert Pattinson’s. Partially attributed to the fact that they are two amazing British men, it’s also due to the fact it is extremely funny. And Charlie Sheen, way to go! That was one sassy way to do it. So on and so forth, the Ice Bucket Challenge is going on. What a way to make people donate to a good cause! Hats off, to whoever came up with that brilliant and comical way of doing it!

Closer home, an amazing woman named Manju Latha Kalanidhi, came up with a way to make people donate for a much more pressing issue. Hunger. Yes, I’m talking about the Indian Version of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Our very own Rice Bucket Challenge. Many people’s first thoughts were Really? Leave it to us Indians to come up with an Indian Version of Everything. Quite frankly, I thought so. But that was until I realized that this could be much more potent, very much more powerful and could curb at least a part of the country’s hunger issues.

I’m not a big fan of math and quite literally, I hate statistics. But, if according to the government planning commission, only 22%  India’s population is below poverty line and even if only 50% of the remaining 78% contribute through the Rice Bucket Challenge, wouldn’t it be a simple way to eradicate hunger, if not poverty? Call it childish, but I don’t see why not.

Next, there is the Book Bucket Challenge. According to many, it is just a kiddie version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but if it works, it will play an amazing role in bringing down the Illiteracy levels. Though it hasn’t caught on like the Ice Bucket Challenge yet, it might do so gradually.

And then, there is this politically delicate version where people in Lebanon are burning the flag of an extremist group. I don’t want to elaborate on it, anyways. I’m no good when it comes to politics.

There are so many such things cropping up these days. Some get tagged as Vanity; some die down as quickly as they crop up. But, each a Samaritan Effort in its own respect. And if you are a part of even one of these, you are doing something for the society, though I’m not sure what to say of the last one in the list.

Being  a Good Samaritan is knowing when to help and doing the appropriate thing, even if inconvenient to you. It is about being compassionate, helpful and sacrificing. These qualities are sometimes ingrained, but it needn’t necessarily be that way. They can be inculcated, too. Furthermore, you can teach yourself to be one. Maybe, just maybe, each one of us could make a difference, even if it is just a small one.

I know this one big cliche, but, after all, it is tiny drops that make up the mighty ocean. We might be droplets; together, we can make a difference.

Here’s to making a Difference, One Nice Deed at a time.

Varshni Mohanavaradhan

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