Fitness Fundas

Staying Fit with Fido

If you’re one of those unlucky people who’ve had to/still is battling the bulge, you’re gonna relate with this. This is the most sensitive conversation I have with people and I tend to avoid it at all costs. So do countless other people. But hey, its time to stop running, …

Travel Hotspots

Traveling: Pack your Bags, the World Beckons

Traveling. All the fun in the world. New places, new Cuisines, new Traditions, fun stuff to buy, amazing DPs and cover photos for a while, and most importantly, a break from the monotony that is Everyday. Just the thought of bringing out the travel gear, making a list, buying last-minute …

Good Samaritans

Being a Good Samaritan, the Modern Way

Writing about being a good Samaritan and not being preachy is really next to impossible. There is absolutely no way of doing it without sounding like a person who talks just to hear himself speak. So, why not try and start with the raging new crazes? The hash tags? The …