Craig Rubins – The Revolutionizer

When one sees the colour green, one thinks of various elements that drape them with it. One such element that hits the head, especially of the youth, is cannabis. There is a growing debate on legalisation of marijuana in all the parts of United States and the general public is digging ways and means to enforce it upon the Federal Government. One such being, Craig X who is a local pastor of a church in US has started to preach the doles of marijuana at a church in the United States and he is known by his followers as the Pope of Pot.

Temple 420 is a church that was started by Craig Rubin who lectures at a college in the area of Jewish History of The New Testament. The infrastructure of the church on the outside and inside is predominantly green in colour including the cross signifying the colour of Marijuana. The followers of Craig have to pay a membership fee of $100 in order to be a part of the church and this fee is used to pay off the legal charges levied on the users when seized by the cops. The reason of its inception traces back to the Bible where in Chapter 22 it states that Cannabis is the plant of healing all nations and no other green species has spread even close to it. It is specifically mentioned in the books of exodus about cannabis. Marijuana ministry, which is the organisation headed by Craig is being widely spread throughout the world and the Federal Government is completely against the blowout. The oil extracted out of cannabis plant is considered as a therapy for ails, which is stated in the Holy Anointing Oil.

Steve Cooley, who is the Country District Attorney at Los Angeles, cracking down at hundreds of dispensaries, is of the opinion that these religious methods are just another gateway for the dope dealers to jog around the law and make profits out of selling pot. In the argument Craig states that he is only preaching what is mentioned in the holy books allowing the followers to reach closer to God which is defied by the members of the Federal Government. Rubin faced a lot of legal consequences with his activities as the church was raided 20 minutes past 4 in the afternoon for which he encountered years of probation. Cooley referred to Craig as a fraud who is just dealing with Marijuana and digging out ways and means to legalise the gateway drug for other substances to originate and he should be dealt with under legal proceedings. Craig defended himself by talking to the reporters on the services that church offers on psychology, counselling on drugs and other expedient services.

Craig Rubins states in his first sermon released on Youtube that Marijuana must be grown legally in all the supportive parts of the world because it is the ‘tree of life’. He has answered myriad questions thrown at him by legal operators and is now ready to face any lawful challenges because he believes that God and law are with him.

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