Goodman’s Shangri-La

Kathewadi, a tiny village in the back of the beyond in Nanded district in Maharashtra. A six-hour journey from Hyderabad.

It is neither a tourist attraction nor home of a celebrity. The uniqueness of the village is in the heart of the people living there, the compassion and love in the villagers will drive you crazy!

At first sight it looks like any mundane country side, but try to look closer, you will be amazed by its contents. If you happen to enter into the provision store you will witness the most bizarre circumstances!

 Is it possible in today’s times to run a shop unmanned by a shop keeper? To believe that goods bought would be paid for, without supervision?

Here it is possible!

Are you awesomeness struck? Don’t be. There is much more to it.

 You will be even more amazed to know that this place was once home to alcoholics, smokers and all kinds of unethical stuff.

The local provision is “Unmanned” by a shopkeeper, where all the goods are labeled and left for the people to pick up and pay for, unsupervised

. There is a large box in which the villagers put in the money for the items they pick up and another little one marked Daan Peti (donation box) in which they collect money for development work in the village.

What brought such a change in this village?

Let us hear their side of story from a dynamic young lady!

Sangeeta Suryavanshi. She is the 25-year-old, and she happens to be the   sarpanch of this village. She says, “One member of every family in this village has done an Art of Living course: The Nav Chetna shivirs, youth leadership training programme and the basic course.”

“It has brought such a change in our society that we have become totally addiction free. We have learnt about hygiene and cleanliness and all the money that was spent on vices like alcohol and tobacco is now used constructively. This has happened due to Guruji’s inspiration,” she says proudly.

Basically art of living organization has adopted this village, and converted it like a Goodman’s Shangri-La

You might be in a delusion that, this is not practically possible and must be a hype created by media, or a unique publicity stunt of the organization, believe me it’s all true.

You can only believe it when you see it with your own eyes

Account of another villager

“My family has lived here for generations. My son has done the Art of Living Course and he is very happy with all that he has learnt. In all my 80 years I have never seen such a transformation in our village. We live in complete harmony and help each other in times of need.”

I have always wanted to live in a place like this!

A place free of politics, alcoholism, smoking, drugs or selfishness (things that pollute the world)

A place full of love and compassion.

If we can’t love one another, and show kindness for each other then what are we?

Kathewadi has taken a brave step towards a brazing new world!

Are you ready to take such a brave step?

haneesha thanati

a juvenile ,who trying to understand the miracles of universe.

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