New and lively, gay and solemnly

Concussion in hearts, a new way to show

Hoping to find a road to goodwill,

Bring to mind the thoughts of grey

That is where the two rivers meet, blissfully engrossed in each other

Imminent to meet the ocean

The vastness of the ocean conceals

On the horizon the desires lie

Living in the pain of greed and demise

Born in the debt of faith and fear

Lost in the echo of life and shame

Born to breathe as a part of soil only to brood and toil.

Where there lays talent, it is latent and profound, hope gives its way

Skill drilled, task commenced

Told your purpose, told your path, told your story

You never knew how time flew

The heart leaps for faith and might

That is when the rivers dry

Ocean reaps with the fuel of tears

Silence takes its toll,

The profound silence grows, and moves in and out

Now again want the need of buttress, for hope to again be a bright-star

Grasping freedom, born in new found faith and lost in it.


I love to write.

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