Where everyone is beautiful and lovable, where everyone is in their best forms, hoping from rich restaurants to richer, showing off more to much, where do I find myself?

Am I sniffing out the decayed because I think and imagine something to be decaying? Or is there really something? Decaying?

Are we all looking for something? For conformations and affirmations?

Is it all about competition within one another to prove who is more best than the other?

We all are shoving away from a crude and harsh reality. We all are sprinkling some cologne all over the room so that no one catch us smoking. I find it sad. Do you?

This scribbling might be regarded as incoherent.

These questions will be left unanswered.

These questions will leave me haunted as ever.

But do we ever, interrogate ourselves?

Or there too, we are sprinkling cologne?



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