The Great Indian PM Battle – Rahul v/s Modi

The race is about to begin and India will have its next Prime Minister in 2014. But who will be the next PM of India, is the question everyone is asking. The main opposition party, BJP, has fielded Narendra Modi as their prime ministerial candidate, whereas Congress has recently  declared Rahul Gandhi. The last two general elections in 2004 and 2009 were lost by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Options at present are the BJP, the Congress, their alliances, or a third, fourth or fifth front. But the main place is either of Congress or BJP
What media says :-
As per a survey (The India Today Group-CVoter Youth Survey 2013) conducted collectively by the India Today Group and CVoter, shows that first-time voters want present Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as the next PM of India. For the survey 5,000 youths aged 18 to 22 years were selected. 47% of them were in the favor of Modi as the next Prime Minister, while  Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi received 34% votes.
In another survey by Hindustan Times, Narendra Modi received 38% votes and Rahul Gandhi scored 23% votes.
Few in New Delhi have ever seen more of Rahul Gandhi then they’ve seen this month.  The 42-year-old was being groomed to lead the party alongside his  mother and party president Sonia Gandhi has been a foregone conclusion for years in India. But as he slid into position for what is bound to be a grueling campaign ahead of national elections in 2014, the speech he gave at a party rally in Jaipur this weekend was a rare and emotional commitment to the path that was laid out for him when he was born into India’s greatest political family.
My View:-It is going to be a tough one. It has been a tumultuous couple of years for the current Congress-led government, bookended by massive anti-corruption protests in early 2011 and the recent wave of demonstrations over women’s rights after a brutal gang rape in New Delhi. In between, the Congress-led coalition has faced concerns at home and abroad over the health of the nation’s economy as GDP growth has dipped below 6%, and long periods of so-called policy paralysis in which a fractious Parliament spent more time bickering than passing the many laws that would bring economic and social reform the country needs. Where should Gandhi begin to convince voters that Congress is still the party to be running the country? And even if he is able to convince them can they win against the Bjp candidate Modi who has proved himself in Gujarat.Also the recent loss of congress at Delhi,Rajasthan;Madhyapradesh and Chattisghar has put the congress party in a setback for the comming Loksabha elections.

Narendra modi:- 

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