Apologies to Her

Sorry, we couldn’t make it, we couldn’t make things right, after you became a martyr.

Sorry, we failed to create a society that is safe and warm, whenever you are out on the streets, you can be ripped off to death, yes you can be raped by some men ‘because they are men’.

Sorry, we failed to be humane.

Sorry, for being worse than animals.

Sorry, the laws always don’t work.

Sorry, the candle marches don’t work.

You are just a meat to be prowled on, to be relished and then thrown away.

Sorry, the ‘feminists’ didn’t save you then.

Sorry, the candles were not burning near you when you screamed.

Condolences to you, for being a woman.

Sorry, for my agonizing heart and tears, they too will nor work to save you, to save many like you.

The people around skipped behaving like a human, sorry you have to be the victim.

Sorry, we don’t have any remedies for the bruises on your body and soul.

Sorry, you will be certified as ‘being raped’ , as being a ‘woman’ , as being the ‘inviter’ of your rape.

Sorry we won’t be able to erase those.

Sorry, we can only punish them by laws, but cannot alter their soul.

Thanks for being the ‘victim’ , a ‘martyr’.

You are the guiding light for many women on streets you will be sure of the fact, ‘yes, some day or the other, I will be raped too. I too will scream, I too will have scratches on my thigh and neck, I too will be damned being a woman.’

No we can’t blame the patriarchal society, because this the way it has been working since ages.

Yes, the men are right, they can rape.

They will progress in it, now some random girls, then it will be their sisters or their mothers or their wives.

Yes, I know they will succeed.

Sorry, you can’t protest.

You can’t shriek your dislikes, you are a woman.

When you are a woman, you are born with a post it on your forehead, ‘yes you can rape me’.

Sorry, we can’t do anything.

This will go on.

You have to keep shut and move on.

You have to keep shut and overdose yourselves with drugs, or jump off the roof or admire the circular motions of the fan.

Yes, you can escape by dying, woman.

If you think to make things right, sorry you can’t do it.

Hail patriarchy, you are just raped but not cut into pieces.

Close your eyes, keep the post it on and believe you will be raped one day.

Hail patriarchy.

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