How your Relationships in the past influence your journey ahead

How often does it happen that you get lost in the present and forget about the relationships you forged in your past?  It could happen either because you have moved towns or organizations or simply entered a new phase of life.

I strongly believe that life is not just defined by this present moment. Life is indeed defined by a series of events. The different people we meet heavily influence us through these events. Finally, our response to each of these events changes our outlook towards life.

I always build on my relationships as I journey life. For example, I treasure a relationship that was nurtured for only a month but I developed an attitude that I practice to this date. I was posted in a town for a brief period of about four to five months. In this period, I had met a lovely person. She is one of the most honest and witty people I have met. While I fretted over my problems in life, she is always able to take similar situations head on. I later on learnt that she had lost one of her parents when she was young and hence she found my problems insignificant because she had witnessed bigger ones. To this day, she has been one of my biggest sources of inspiration.

People always have some brilliant stories to share. I strongly believe that each of these stories have tremendous potential to impart wisdom and thus to dynamically change our outlook towards life, for the better. These changes often happen without our knowledge. So the next time you move on in your life, make a quick retrospection about how your relationships have changed you and your outlook towards life.

Will you drop a quick Hi today to that someone, who had inspired you but you have lost touch with?


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