i-Motion 3D

“Yay! I win!”, “Whats the score?”, “He goes down again!!” – these are some of the exclamations that we utter when we are completely engrossed in our play. Games are the keys that help us to escape into a virtual world far away from the everyday problems of our life. Starting from simple childhood games like ‘Hide and seek’ to 3D virtual reality games of the current trend, gaming is proved to be an effective stress buster.

The new i-motion 3D takes gaming to a new level, giving you a touch of virtual reality and makes gaming the most fun. i-Motion 3D controller creates virtual interaction with the screen in front of you making your gaming experience all the more pleasurable. The device is compact, light-weight and can easily support multiplayer games. The device can be strapped to our palm and while playing shooting or fighting games, it provides a virtual sense of touch that makes the game more real.

The i-Motion 3D controller is a product of Intellect Motion. It is designed to be strapped to the palm of our hands for easy control. But we can also attach it to our belts, head, feet or any other object as suited for our creative needs. Multiplayer games are also supported by the controller – games requiring upto a maximum of 4 players at a time can be played. The technology is designed so as to recognize multiple light sources. The most substantial features of the i-Motion 3D controller are a gyroscope, accelerometer and a haptic feedback. The haptic feedback is a feature that allows us to virtually feel an object on the screen giving us almost an ‘oneness’ with the game.

The controller is compatible with several operating systems such as Apple Mac, Linux and Windows. The i-motion 3D controller can be integrated into any system that is capable of functioning with a keyboard or mouse. With a range of nearly 16 feet and a frame rate of 30 frames per second, the controller has very great accuracy and very less latency. The most significant features of the controller are:

  • The triangular positioning of LED lights that helps to determine the 3D position.
  • The touch feedback technology which transmits signals using Bluetooth technology.
  • Very high accuracy of 0.08 inches and very low latency
  • Compatible even with TVs and mobile phones
  • The simplest controller starts at the rate of $50.
  • Works with any PC, all major OS and all android mobiles.

Grab an i-motion 3D and take your gaming to newer heights!!

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