I wish I had that in my smartphone

There is always at least one thing that we wish was present in our smartphone. One specification, one added feature, that skin, that camera, those wide viewing angles and so on. Sometimes, our perception of a smartphone is confined to that one feature, which may be trivial or may be a necessity. I’ve enlisted some of the “Oh I wish I had that in my phone” features below.

Small size

Samsung was among the first companies to introduce smartphones with a 5 inch display. They were marketed so well that people still are of the idea of “The bigger, the better”. So, manufacturers today have made fortune by manufacturing the phones people love. Although, this is coming to many people’s notice and the companies intend to produce small sized phones.
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is one such example. It is basically the same smartphone as Xperia Z except that it has a display of 4.3 inches. With same software features and hardware assets as what Xperia Z1 has, Xperia Z1 compact is definitely among the frontrunners even though it’s pretty small.


It’ll be interesting to see the big companies manufacture pocket-sized smartphones and market them effectively.

Good battery life

I’m sure we all have observed that the primitive cell phones have a 7 to 10 times better battery than the smartphones these days. The reason is that because of the fad of having slimmer, lighter smartphones, the quality of the battery consequently gets affected.
Another reason is bulky hardware, increased memory and complicated software. These drain battery life effectively.
While everything else is pretty much updated every next month; like software and applications, technology to increase battery life has just not improvised as much.

Features that work

This is an everyday rant for most of the smartphone users. “My phone hangs when this app runs”, “My phone gets rebooted randomly because this feature”, etc. Some of the features in the phone don’t work because they’d been added to add to the cool quotient on paper. Whereas the truth is that some smartphones are just not good with features because of poor hardware. Moto G has surprisingly proved to be very good in this aspect. But, this “features not working” problem will take long to be solved. Until then, the buyers must learn to shop smart.


Good software

Because of the overgrowing demand of “a better camera”, “large viewing angles”, “front camera”, “more cores in the processor”, manufacturers tend to overlook the importance of a good software with smooth UI.
The worst failures of 2013 when it comes to software and UI are HTC One and LG G2.
To know more, have a look at the picture below. Check the notifications bar.


Well, we can only hope for these four things to be introduced in the smartphone arena. We just have to wait and watch. 

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