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As a leader you explore two fundamental questions in your life. If you are starting on your leadership journey the question that is asked is: “What should I do with my life?” And if you are already leading, the question that is often asked is: “What is the next level?”

Answering these two questions is by no means an easy task – it needs a lot of soul searching, knowing who you are, interacting with peers and mentors, being up to date on what’s happening in your domain of interest, anticipating trends and new opportunities that can emerge, and connecting to what you truly want from life.

This typically happens over a long period of time, and often through trial and error.

However, there is another way to do this search – in a focused, concentrated and facilitated way. And to enable this, The Blue Ribbon Movement has initiated Relead.

What is Relead?

Relead is an international training program designed to equip individuals with skills to lead into the future. It will be held from May 27- June 01, 2014 in collaboration with IIM Bangalore. Registrations are now open.

Who has initiated it and why?

The program was initiated by The Blue Ribbon Movement (BRM)- a Mumbai based social enterprise that builds leadership for a better world.

There is a crying need for new leadership, yet with a very limited understanding of it. Relead is our solution. To move to this new world requires a new way of leading – it requires the Leader to Relead. Thus, BRM initiated Relead to enable greater exploration of leadership for tomorrow’s world.

“Relead is our chance to develop leadership for tomorrow’s world; leadership that is more informed, nuanced, inclusive and effective. We look forward to creating an opportunity for anyone who is interested to undergo this experience”, adds Vedika Lal, Program Lead.

What will the program have?

Bringing together the latest in leadership ideas, BRM has conceptualized two tracks – Relead Life School and Relead International.

Relead Life School takes participants through the building blocks of their life: vision (who do I want to be / what is my dream), self knowledge (who am I), integrity (walking my talk) and service (what do I dedicate my life to).

Relead International will push leaders to explore questions of deeper impact through three journeys – the ME journey (your own excellence and alignment), the WE journey (learning to lead people) and the US journey (committing to something larger than yourself).

The response to the program has been amazing so far. Registrations have started pouring in from countries like Afghanistan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and Pakistan, apart from India.

“Relead fulfilled its promise of being a life changing experience for me. From being confused to gaining much more clarity about my career and purpose of life, I truly evolved with the program.” – Yashila Singh, Relead 2013 Participant

Interested participants can log on to for more information.

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