N stands for Net neutrality, N stands for Non Discrimination

How many of us know, “TIM-BERNERS LEE”?

This person is the reason you are  able to read this article. Not only this article but he is the brain behind the concept of “WORLD WIDE WEB”. This article is not about him or his achievements or his role in the making of ‘WWW’ but of higher concern.

When it was made- our internet, the main focus was on the word, ‘no discrimination’.  It means there is no partiality to whatever service is demanded, or to whichever website we want to login, every feature and every service should be treated without discrimination. This is the reason, when we try to find something using ‘search engines’, the sites with closest or probable match is given to us in form of list not the ones that are highly paid

Now the question arises, is this impartiality really happening?

No. This is a painfully clear. Only yesterday, I tried to open a simple website that came into my Google search. And what I got was, “this website cannot be open in your country.” This is not the end of it, many of us must have tried at some point of time to search for something on YouTube, and many a times the statement was the same as above.

What we are talking about is- “NET NEUTRALITY”. It simply means network neutrality. That is; no favorites should be played with the contents that are on the internet.

Like in every story there are some people who want the “good guys” to die.  In this context they are the big telecom companies who want it. They want to act as a ‘gatekeeper’ checking whose website or apps should go fast, and whose slow. This scenario is like bribing the watchman with a 20 Rs note and asking him to let you enter the college late without notifying anyone.

What will happen if the internet becomes a “pay per view” service? By pay per view- it means we may have to pay a network tax to run voice-over-the-internet phones, to use advanced search engines.

Maybe, the free-flowing internet as we know, will be a history.


The telecom companies have two general complaints with a non-tiered, neutral network.  They argue that the improvement of infrastructure is costly and without proper compensation, results in major content providers not paying their fair share. 


Let take a neutral point- let’s see the whole scenario in a form of pros and cons:


To be in favor of Non- neutrality, one of the points is- Capacity is finite.  So concept of prioritization comes up. If there is no prioritization, a few apps will consume too much bandwidth; and also it reduces the service provider’s motivation to increase bandwidth


But to counteract these statements


The net neutrality is essential for-Innovation- ISP/operators can kill innovative apps if they are allowed to discriminate; another point is that of ‘competition’ – operators can kill competition by selectively disallowing certain applications.


In  the end it is the consumer who will suffer.


In conclusion, Net neutrality is not a law yet, it is still practiced. If it is not there then consumers fear that they will discriminated by network provider on the content. The future is still unset, why not take our bid, there are various sites for these petitions and who are working for “our right” of net neutrality. Why not support them?



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