Spread your Wings

when the nonchalant air, blew away my soul,
the dusted reality faded into a cobalt imagination.
where ideals are the towers and rape is not found in the dictionary.
where artists are responsible and are not mere puppets in the clutches of ego.
unbelievable and ecstatic is the weather with the rustling of dried leaves, enhancing the dull brain.
with a knock, i was back again in my mechanical rusted life with predictable notions and counted breaths.
coal-ed reality with gruesome cries, fading in the air like a morning mass in a lonely church.
where people are betrayed, where trust is auctioned and a woman is raped.
hypocrites with masks of awareness put on their thinking caps and debate, ‘why?’
i sit, near the dark filthy lanes of stink and rosemary..
i sit with a burned cigarette, decoding why!
it is because of YOU!
yes you, with your locked up lust, with your uninhibited scare of facing the truth, evading it, in some dark clouds.
spread your wings, and ‘come’ out.
you might not be a pervert but the others, who are devoid of the glimmering glasses of the expensive cars, the click of your heels and the safe haven, are pervert.
they sneak out with covered faces from the damped and vicious crowded cinema halls,
they sneak out when their wives and children are asleep,
they liberate themselves being libertine.
no, you will have no scratches, but i will.
a simple, ordinary girl,
may be as simple as your working maid.
i will be bruised, i will be humiliated.
and the fun is, you will sympathize with me, then.
you will pose for my candle marches, ‘some celeb was there, burning a taper’.
burn your soul and purge yourself with your sin.
act like a woman, if you are one.
you are inviting storms with your ‘coolness’ and ‘smartness’ and ‘wildness’ and all the -ness of this godforsaken fucked up society.
we are raped, because we are woman.
we are raped, because ‘some’ woman prologue it for other women.
act like a woman, if you are one..
spread wings and come out..
on the ordinary streets
of ordinary people..
who aren’t intellectual like you.
but they are ordinary..
buying their existence, biding their breath.
don’t rape your esteem,
don’t rape my flesh.
if you are a woman, act like one.

*don’t tell us how to dress, tell your sons not to rape : it can’t be a motto for a shy society like us, you have to be a bit responsible. i am not condemning you are wearing things that can be condemned, i am asking for a bit of thought. you might incite any other passing guy, and you might not be a victim, but i can or anyone can. yes, it’s a rusted notion of an handicapped society, where you can dress the way you want, still you can be the one, the responsible one to initiate a full stop, or else, you might wear what you want, and you can post it here, a guy might ask, ‘whats your rate? text me’ as found under a photograph of Rii sen. such comments are found, but the fun is, she wont be the one, you and I will be.*

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