Socialninjaz is a social media marketing start-up already making its mark in a saturated industry.  With its fresh new perspective on social media and keen insight into customer behaviour, it promises to flourish into more than an online marketing company. Here are a few excerpts from an interview with the CEO, Vaishnav Thakur:

How did you get the idea of coming up with your venture?


The idea of starting this venture is very interesting. I had been content head and Social Media Executive for a social-political platform. Getting a high end salary job has never been a tough task for me. But after gaining 3 years of experience in content and social media marketing, continuing with a job was not on mind. I understood that earning money is not tough but earning huge money is a tough task.

So one of my very close colleague, who is a girl from media and television production and I were having a coffee when she asked about my experience and expressed her zeal to learn more in life. I always had a thing for people who are willing to learn. I saw the same spark in her which I had 3 years back when I started my professional career in writing and social media industry. The very next day I discussed about the idea of our venture- SocialNinjaz. And this is how it all began. Finally I and Priyanka Tiwari Co-Founded SocialNinjaz in 11th November 2013 which started its functioning from January 2014.


Please tell us something about SocialNinjaz.

Well SocialNinjaz is backed by a leading U.S. based Web development firm called WebNinjaz. So the “Ninjaz” effect has been derived from them. Talking about the team, we have smart talented and creative copywriters and Project Managers who work constantly. It has been their effort that we have stood up in a market that has tough competition.

In a world that is seeing new social media marketing companies germinate each day, what makes SocialNinjaz stand apart from the rest?

Well we are definitely not like other social media firms. The organization and team follows a simple DIY rule- Do it Yourself. Every Project Manager or copywriter is being trained in a way that they have the ability to take any campaign on their covering all the aspects of social media call it creative, campaign strategy, copywriting or any other thing that needs to be defined for a campaign. This makes our team members happy. They get to learn many things from us and even if they decide to leave us, (which has not happened with us till date) their market value goes manifold because they have the ability to take on any big social media campaign and show results.

Talking from the clients’ perspective, the DIY rule makes it very easy for the client to deal with us. Also they don’t have to pay exorbitant money to make their online presence.

And adding to that, we believe in showing results to our customers. There is no point in wasting their time and money if you cannot deliver results. This sets us apart from any other organization. We are creative people. We aren’t like other organizations where it is mandatory to serve the company for 8-10 hours. We get our work done and have a gala time. In fact the atmosphere we have in our office makes it difficult to distinguish who is the boss among the herd of these talented asses.

How does it feel to be a young entrepreneur and what inspired you to chose this line of work?

The journey has been tough as well as exciting. I don’t like myself to be called as an entrepreneur or CEO. I am 22 years old and I believe in playing the role. And for that if I have to work for 18 hours a day to deliver, I will do that.

I started off my career as a writer with a magazine during my college days. Soon I got the chance to perform on a big stage where I was part of execution team meant for promoting tagline of 7 Up- I Feel Up. The campaign was hit and the hashtag trended all over the world on Twitter. That moment made me realize the enormous power the social media has. I sacrificed my college life and parties for building myself as a copywriter and social media marketer. I passed out from my engineering college with the aim to make this dream bigger. And it has turned well till date.

How has the response from your clients been so far?

The response from our clients has been fabulous till date. I have personally seen their jaws getting dropped after seeing the results we have delivered to them. Some of the biggest clients we have are India’s biggest astrology portal, The leading health and Fitness magazine, Skillizen- A global and world’s only management course for kids.

What are your plans for SocialNinjaz for the future?

Right now our focus is to get our company established. We have to make sure that we represent the face of Indian social media marketing to the world. Besides that we are planning to enter into other media and marketing fields in future.

What is your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Take chances, take some risk. It’s always a win -win situation for you. Play your role and work hard like an employee for your dream venture. Earn the tag of being a CEO or entrepreneur. Make yourself so enviable that world will ask you some day.


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