What’s a book beyond the words?

Can a book be defined in a definitive way? NO, a book lover would say. A book without doubt is the most multifaceted physical entity in the world. If you have immersed yourself brain-deep in a book, embraced it until the very last word of the very last page and let it consume you as a whole, you would know that a book is a plethora of things but a bunch of papers bound together.

A book is a voice that speaks to you the words of someone’s intellect that was meant to be staged in the minds of a world full of audience.

A book is, de facto, the cheapest transporter available. Once you bury yourself in a book, you become a character yourself accompanying the characters of the book on their various endeavours, experiencing the different emotions they experience, perceiving the various thrills they perceive, anticipating the unexpected and making the responsive moves along with them. Essentially you ferry yourself to the world that owes its beginnings to the words out of a wordsmith’s pen.

A book is a portal to ages by gone, of sprawling empires and their emperors, of a world through the lens of a chronicler and of countries rich in treasures, material and cultural.

A book is a friend you can always depend on, a friend you can always go to, a friend who will always stay hand in hand if only you are ready to give your hand. After a stressful day, who better to provide you companionship, to consign to oblivion unpleasant incidents and to help you make peace with the world than a good book?  Books can, therefore, be deemed as perfect soul-mates.

A book is a solace to a battered mind, the mere sight of it. Leafing through the pages of a book can reset your mind afresh.

A book is the best travel companion a person could ask for. What better way to kill time in a delectable manner than to undertake your own fantasy journey during long journeys. However, you might want to reconsider that thought if the path is going to be a bumpy one.

A book is a motivator to one who implores for motivation. Books that recount the lives of achievers and contain encouraging content serve as catalysts to instigate in you a fire to successfully attain what you set out to attain.

A book is a guide to one who seeks for guidance, be it for the smooth sailing of life, or to land a job in Google, or to try the best in the market, or to be the best at what you do.

A book is a repository of knowledge. One need only leaf through the pages of a book to gain wisdom and scholarly insights albeit pertaining to a particular domain. But over time, in the course of reading plenty books, the erudition gained is colossal.

A book, characterized by humour, can serve as a comic relief to relieve one from the dramatic tensions of life. A happy ending to a story that is not even truly yours can bestow bliss upon your soul and restore faith in the prospect of an eternal happy life.

Thus, the mirth and benefits that each identity of a book has to offer is plentiful, if only you have the time to recline and let yourself be lost in the pages.


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