Woes of an average Indian student


The Educational Minister of India


A Student (A common Joe)

Respected Sir,

First of all congratulations are in order sir, I hope you are enjoying all the privileges of being educational representative of India and sorry sir for being old fashioned! Writing an open letter to you was kind of uncalled for .But I had no choice you weren’t available on Facebook and certainly couldn’t follow you on Twitter.  The reason I am writing an open letter is that I am frustrated ,and believe me it is not only I ,there are several other students who will be barging into your house if they had even the slightest chance.

I had the same frustration when I first started school, but it’s funny to see that I still have same aggression with our education system! Nothing has changed in the growing years. My frustration aside, what was seriously wrong with educational system of India? From what I observed our system doesn’t mind crushing the aspirations, ideas and talents of an entire generation! You might have heard many an instance India being called out as the “Youth country”. But are the youth happy? Half of the youth seem struggling to get through their dreams, and other half are committing suicides not being able to bow to the pressure. I am one of them, and I am yet to decide which of the above mentioned categories I belong to!

Why is it that in India alone, a person doesn’t have the freedom to choose what he wants to be? Rather the decision is taken by his parents and his good for nothing relatives who poke their nose in everything, we don’t have parents who are ready to accept a painter aspirant, a actor wannabe?   In every nuke and corner of an Indian house you get to hear this slogan

“Thy in’t doctor, thy in’t engineer, thy no life “

All this point outs to only one thing our educational system! Today’s world doesn’t need people who are merely educated, it needs challengers, Out of box thinkers, not yes men, and Indian education system is not designed in such a way. Far back in 1920 it’s was designed to manufacture clerks and accountants, now its manufacturing doctors and engineers,And most irritating thing about our system is that we don’t appreciate any thing we learn!   Every since I have been in school I only by hearted all the stuff, never even looked how beautiful poetry or how amazing physics, math is! I only studied in the fear of my parents and now to maintain my position in class, never ever have I learned something just because it was fun not until recently,

The great Philosopher Socrates had said “Education is not the filling of a vessel but the kindling of a flame”. The word Education itself comes from the word “Educere” which means to bring out what is already in and not blindly stuff in

School should be a place where you nourish what is already in every man, bringing out the best out you, with more passionate educators we can easily achieve this, India needs passionate educators, to change the paradigm

It’s up to you sir now, I sincerely request you to come up with some kind of scheme that can be implemented

Isn’t education, the first step towards development?


Yours sincerely,

Hoping for a better India,


A Student.

haneesha thanati

a juvenile ,who trying to understand the miracles of universe.

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