Home of great Indian tragedies

He could smell the fragrance of Rani Padmini, she was so near he could sense it. But he couldn’t find her anywhere nearby.

The desire to see her was rising like fire in him, he started searching for her himself. His instincts lead him to a room, he pushed the door open!

Smoke covered his eyes, smoke coming from the fire in the middle of the room even in that smoke he could clearly see gorgeous Rani Padmini, but she saw him with pity and laughed one last time jumped into the fire like other women did!

Alauddin khilji has conquered the kingdom but he couldn’t get what he came for, he lost again.

 That was the greatest tragedy ever witnessed by Mewar, and ultimately in Indian history but yet unknown to us.

You get to hear more about such tragedies or I like to call them, “tales of bravery ever known”, if you take time to visit an amazing place called Chittorgarh

It was a center for romance and spirit!

Apt name I suppose, because as heard in the story, people of Chittor always chose death before surrendering against anyone heroism and sacrifice are evident from the tales.

Though not much of it is left, a citadel should be the best word to describe this huge fort. It is a symbol of all that was brave, true and noble in the glorious Raj put tradition.

Basically Chittorgarh is famous for being attacked repeatedly.

The first attack was by Alauddin Khilji in 1303 AD (as portrayed in the story) . It was recaptured in 1326 by the young Hammir Singh, a scion of the same Gehlot clan. And at both times the women and men in the kindom showed courage beyond their capabilities. Thousands of men died in the war the broke, the women followed their husbands path and scarified themselves.(this traditional sacrifice is called as  Jauhars)

Another icon for bravery is also connected to this place!

The great Maharana Pratap, son of Rana Udai Singh II , he wanted to conquer mewar back from akbar.

Chittorgarh remains fresh with historic associations and holds a very special place in the hearts of Rajputs. It is often called as the “Bhakti aur Shakti ki nagari” (land of devotion and strength). The fort and the city of Chittorgarh also hosts the biggest Rajput festival “Jauhar Mela”. It takes place annually on the anniversary of one of the jauhars, not the one by Padmini which is most famous. This festival is to commemorate the bravery of Rajput ancestors and all three Jauhars which happened at Chittorgarh. The fort at Chittorgarh also contains the ancient and beautiful temple to Goddess Kali called the Kalika Mata Temple.

Pack your bags, before it’s too late!

Fell a bit of bravery, smell the freedom and courage (this is what ancient India was famous for!) on the land of “Home of tragedies”

haneesha thanati

a juvenile ,who trying to understand the miracles of universe.

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