It’s a popcorn outlet chain!

Just when we Mumbaikars thought that there can be no more food chains to offer ‘newer’, ‘exciting’ foodstuffs, WOW Popcorn came into picture. WOW Popcorn is an Indian popcorn outlet chain that offers excellent popcorn which makes you say nothing but Wow. The chain was started in April 2013 and has been expanding ever since, across Mumbai.

The story of this chain is just that it’s begun because popcorn outlets have never been done before at this scale. It’s located at Carter Road (Bandra) and Napean Sea Road. The newest outlet at Kandivli was inaugurated on 11th January, 2013; and what’s good is that it’s coming to central suburbs too! One of the men working in Carter Road branch leaked the news about their “plans” to open an outlet in Ghatkopar, indicating that it isn’t a haughty food chain meant for SoBo and western suburbs.

What’s working for them? The quality of the popcorn and the flavors. There’s no one kernel that’s dull. From desiflavors like Cheese Mumbai Tadka and Pudina to the evergreen caramel, butter, salted and cheese, it has loads of flavor to offer.

It can be a bit o verpriced for some, considering that it costs 75/- for a small-sized bucket to 145/- for medium and 220/- for large. But hey! It’s cheaper and much, MUCH tastier than what we get at PVR! Cherry on the cake is that combination of two flavors is possible for each bucket size too.


Another reason why this popcorn outlet chain is gaining popularity is its neatly built website and things it manages to offer. WOW Popcorn offers unique ‘stuff’ like personalized packages for  festivals, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or even sporting events.

Who would have thought of gifting popcorn on a peer’s wedding? Or popping in some popcorn during happy hours at the bar? WOW Popcorn is executed well, giving us ideas we wouldn’t have otherwise had. It has even entered the arena of corporate gifting. When I joked with one of the boys working at the Bandra branch about me being the customer of the day; he said that there have been orders made worth more than 3000/- on the same day. Talk of business strategy!

I am not paid to come up with such kind words for a popcorn outlet chain, but they’re just so good! Only if it grows enough to be a popcorn café than a popcorn shop..

Joohee Shherma

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