Jagriti Yatra- a visit to pilgrimage inside you.

Given my background all my friends who hear about yatra for the first time wonders which temple and meditation I am talking about. To know about it is really is read along.

I first heard of Jagriti Yatra(JY) in 2012. I could never manage the courage to fill up the form. Always thought that my application will be rejected or even if it gets selected, I will not get holidays from my work. In 2014 me and my friend who was already selected as a yatri were discussing, and I ended up filling up the form. Luckily I got selected. But I got half sponsorship only. I didn’t have 30K with me for yatra and also the NGO I was working with didn’t grant me permission. On December 19, I got a mail from Vaishali, JY core team that level 3 sponsorship is granted for me. On receiving this e-mail, I walked to my manager and declared that I am going for this yatra and whatever the organisation decides I am okay with it. So here I was, awaiting CA results in which I have already flunked 4 times, left my current job for a 15 day carnival. I couldn’t help but listen to my heart.
From the very beginning I loved Co-Yatris. They were amazing. In those 15 days the number of role models visits we made, touched my heart in many ways. I felt so lucky to witness such amazing work. Of all the places Tilonia, Rajasthan is the place I could relate to the most. May be because my ancestors belong to that state and also I can see in my immediate family what a Marwari woman goes through in her daily life. Seeing those empowered women was really amazing. The saying of teaching a fisherman how to catch a fish was practiced here. I made so many amazing friends during the yatra. In EDI hearing Shaheen Mistri ‘s talk I was moved. I questioned whether I made the right move by selecting yatra over my kids and school. The free environment in train, bathing in those special chambers, laughing, making fun to coming up with various ideas, the feeling of family with cohort members, fear of drying clothes dropping on cohort visitors, playing silly games , trying to fix your friends with someone, actually anyone … all these made me miss my college days. In the JY train Knowledge was also in free flow as was fun. Getting to know about the amazing work done by fellow yatris and the facilitators was very interesting. Whichever sector you want to work, you could trace people guiding you with your idea, in the train itself. With gods grace I cleared CA exams as well. These yatra 15 days were memorable days for me. When I received the red card i.e. push out e-mail from my organisation, I was hurt because of the language that was used. However I had friends in Yatra who helped me to overcome this emotional struggle as well. In my organisation I have provided free publicity to Jagriti Yatra. Entire Kaivalya Education Foundation is talking about how a fellow left fellowship for the yatra. So many fellows are asking me for my yatra experience, so that they can apply for Yatra 2015. I pray that next year I can be a part of yatra as well.


I am a hyperactive wondering soul.. super confused in life and recently started writing.

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