Just Before Annihilation

The Milky Way galaxy, housed many solar systems. Quite in the middle lies the naïve small orange ball, orbiting that ball are several other rotator objects! One such object being the blue-green object in local tongues called as the “Earth”. The Earth was a beautiful object! There were green trees, blue waters, and red skies. The universe had gifted them everything, but the people on earth didn’t understand the value of those gifts, they kept destroying the planet bit by bit!

Earthlings realized the misfortune that they bought for themselves, tried to undo their mistake!

But it was for too late by then…………………….

This is the story of that misfortune that hung up the face of earth.

Earth (Preparing for Armageddon):11:58

Deep in the uncharted skies she looked, wondering if she was hallucinating because the sky she saw was surreal .She wasn’t the one staring at the blue void, all of the Earthlings seemed as if they were mimicking her! That she was Sue.

Who wouldn’t? If you your planet were to be attacked by a giant alien ship, I bet you will do the same.

The problem with Earthlings is that, they go beyond the horizon to appreciate beauty, even now minutes to their doom they cannot but appreciate the elegance of the extraterrestrial ship built for the sole purpose of destruction.

On Planet Oblivion (Celebrating destruction):11:58

Quite at the same instant Ethica of planet Oblivion (located many light years away from Earth), was having a bad day! Her idea of promoting peace in the galaxy was rejected, and further more Sident (equivalent to president in Earth tongue) made sure that such a scheme shall not be even enter Oblivion’s legislature for many years to come. Ethica couldn’t believe that she was born among such blood thirsty savages whose prime intention has been to rob other planets happiness  .Even today on the “PGHD-promote galaxy harmony day” ,Sident had sent troops to some distinct planet called derth or serth ,or Earth (she doesn’t remember the name) to blast it into ash. Sident’s defense was just merely four lines long

“People of Earth are primitive! Still are in the naïve assumption that they solely exist in the Universe and think their technology is the most advanced of all! In that prides, People of Earth have been destroying the planet, without any regard for The Universe’s gift .It about time we destroy them, otherwise I bet it wouldn’t be long enough for them to destroy themselves.”

Ethica didn’t have any far distinct relatives on Earth, but she was connected to it somehow! Obviously the people of Earth looked oddly familiar (Oblivions and Earthlings were almost similar, they had same body structure, grass like eyebrows and few  Earthlings even had the same grumpy expressions made by angry Oblivions).She felt bad for all those people, thinking about Earthlings she starred at the large projection of pixels on the nearby wall(Sident has passed a new resolution, owing  to which the destruction of the planet will be live telecasted with commentary ,so that citizens can enjoy  )

Earth 🙁 11:59)

People and animals alike scattered everywhere, screaming and shouting the only god’s name. The DCB (destruction capture balls) made by Oblivions was roaming everywhere so as to capture the fear and confusion of Earthlings. It was not like the destruction came unannounced, Earthlings were informed 5 minutes before the destruction. Fear was the only feeling in everyone’s heart, one such DCB got stuck on Sue, and she kept looking at DCB (hopelessly thinking this destruction shall be somehow halted, she wanted to live)

Oblivion 🙁 11:59)

Ethica was just trying to ignore the woes of Earthlings (she cannot see it being destroyed), something caught her sight!

She kept staring at the women in the projection, something was familiar about her. But she couldn’t figure out what it was. Was it the hair or her eyes?  She clearly couldn’t make it out.

Then something odd happened!

Her eyelids were blinking rapidly, she was getting a message from her brother (Oblivions have discovered the mystery of telepathy, their eyelids blink whenever someone has a message for them)

“Ethica are you watching the live telecast of DCB right now? The woman in the projection looks exactly like you?”                    

Ethica saw the woman again, yes it was quite true .The woman, and an Earthling (living several light years away from oblivion) was an exact image of her! How in the world was that possible?

She found only one logical answer, may be the Earth was a parallel The Universe to oblivion, like a mirror image or an alternate The Universe!

EARTH 🙁 12:00)

A giant light occupied the ionosphere, before earthlings could figure out what it was, they were bursting into pieces.

The orbit of earth missed the small blue-green ball, which used to rotate the same path for past three trillion years.

Oblivion ;( 12:00)

She wanted to do something, she wanted to save that Woman. It was too late! Before she should digest the fact, the telecast from DCB on the screen had gone blank.

The Earth was burst into million pieces, and the mirror image of Ethica was part of those pieces!

haneesha thanati

a juvenile ,who trying to understand the miracles of universe.

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