Mr. Modi: Challenges here are spilled on the ground like beans

On the eve of the much awaited result day of the most keenly observed elections ever in Indian History, the Bhartiya Janata Party has emphatically won this election of 2014. Now, what next for them? Warning Mr. Modi! Aspirations & Hopes are endless this time!

I have never ever seen a wave like the so-called Modi wave in 2014. I had a misconception that we can’t see a wave with naked eyes, if I go by what physics has taught me! Surprisingly, I find myself lucky enough to have seen it, kudos to Mr. Narender Modi. Oh wait! Did I say ‘wave’? Let me correct myself, if today when I have a look at the ‘saffron sweep’ of BJP across all the states, we were mislead by calling it as a wave, it is a ‘Political Tsunami’.

What exactly worked for BJP this time? Capitalising on thunderously strong Modi wave? Attacking Robert Vadra as the most corrupt son-in-law every now & then? Attacking the Gandhi family over remarks like ‘Maa Bête ki Sarkar’ and dynasty politics? Or to keep it simple, is it just the hunger for ‘development’ that has touched the chord of the common man? I believe, it is the hope for ‘Change’ that has aptly paved the way for BJP to the 272+ mark!

The crafty,cunning and the intelligent campaign run by Mr. Modi has finally yielded a result that no leader of BJP could’ve ever thought of in the history of 32 years of the national party. Aspirations of the great Indian Middle class begin from the drains of their houses and extend up to their work place & offices. Expectations of an Army soldier begin from the incidents of beheading soldiers and extend up to a free India & not a China-threatened India. Expectations for the diplomats begin from incidents like manhandling of Khobragade in US and extend up to India’s declining position in Global Politics.

Aspirations of a prostitute in a red light area of the capital can be felt when she says, “Is baar Modi kuch karega”! Aspirations of a teenage rag picker can be felt when he runs on the streets with a ‘kamal’ painted on his forehead, and shouts Modi… Modi…! However, their aspirations get a set-back when the same rag picker child is found to have no idea of what even Mr. Modi is fighting for, credits to his isolation from the school building!

And last but not the least, aspirations for the media begin from incidents of ‘Doordarshan’ being captivated by the Congress and extend up to a dream of Free and Fair Journalism & Speech. Challenges here are spilled on the ground like beans, the time has come to grab and work upon them!

Challenges for BJP reside within the party too. From an ‘always upset’ L.K Advani to a ‘cabinet-position fearing’ Sushma Swaraj, challenges are unending! Moving on, what fascinates me the most is how a ‘one-man show’ has made Congress, the biggest party of India which reigned for 10 years, to land in an ever embarrassing position of chaos. Today, I wish that under the leadership of Mr. Modi, the people of India would not have to fear, anymore, of being handled as a public ‘taken for granted’!

Yashdeep Chahal

A Physics Honors student of Delhi University. An insanely passionate writer, an avid debater, columnist, blogger and an IPS aspirant. Encourage him or criticize him. Either ways, you are making him feel Super!

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