Journey: A book on hope, change and daring to be free

Danielle Steel is a well established author and has given many bestsellers. With riveting stories and raw emotions, her writing never fails to leave a mark. 

Journey is one such story that deeply left an impact on me. I could feel the emotional turmoil of the protagonist and could connect with the book despite not actually facing that situation. It is the story of Maddy Hunter a famous TV anchorwoman and her husband Jack Hunter who is the head of her network. The book takes us through an abusive relationship and how the protagonist comes out of it. A story which not only captures your attention but also motivates other women going through the same torture to battle it out.

Maddy couldn’t realise that she was being abused till 7 years of their marriage. She had no bruises but Jack had made her the victim of humiliation, fear and isolation. Maddy had constantly denied Jack’s behaviour towards her which consisted of jealousy, control and subtle put-downs. 

First Lady’s Commission on Violence Against Women comes into her life as a ray of hope. She joins this support group and comes face to face with her constant denial towards Jack’s abusive behaviour. This realisation brings a massive change in Maddy’s outlook. She begins to gain courage and fights back. 

There is a scene in the book which left me angry, hurt and empathetic. Jack is filled with jealousy due to Madddy’s success and decides to abuse her in a way that she is unable to realise it. Jack always traps her by saying he loves her. He starts to fondle her and then kisses her. Then during sexual intercourse he bites her nipple and it starts to bleed. He pounds and thrusts more than usual to the point where she can’t make out the difference between his love or abuse(which she still can’t realise). Jack keeps telling her that she belongs to him almost as if he is feeding data in her mind. She goes on to stand in the shower contemplating but still chooses to stay in denial ending her contemplation with, ‘But he loves me’.

Maddy finds her voice with the help of a man from her past and the support group. She comes out of this abusive relationship stronger than ever. A book about hope, about change, and about daring to be free.This is her story. This is her journey.

Raghavi Jhanjee

Writing found me and has never left since. I love to meet new people and also solve the different problems that people have. Adore dogs. I am free-spirited, fun loving and straightforward as a person.