The ultimate truth about love

What is love?

People have this misconception that, love is the thing that binds us together; everything in this world is in its place because of love.

I never really got love in my life (having two really hard working parents in your life makes you feel so, I suppose). They were out making money while I was left at home alone. That’s how it started I think; me craving for love. I thought friends where forever but I my case it wasn’t true, they kept on moving in their lives where I was the girl craving for them.

And who cares if my boy friend cheated on me! Because he thought I was suicidal and it’s better to leave me than to die with me. Why was I alive, why didn’t I commit suicide? I was put into counseling but when there was no improvement, my psychiatrist hence put forth the possibility of sending me onto a vacation, so here I was on a vacation all by myself (like always).

All this thoughts were lingering in my mind while I was on the bus to Shimla (a nice place for a break, as suggested by the travel book I bought).

My train of thoughts  were  halted as the bus  reached  the destination (for a while).Now it’s time for me to search for my hotel .I already booked it but the hotels here seems to be like a treasure, no one in the town knows that such hotel exists ,almost half an hour later I found it!

I checked in the receptionist was exceptionally happy (I hate when someone is that happy when I am not).He suggested few places I could stop by; I soon got ready and went to see those cool places. The more I covered the more was I disturbed.

There were couples on honeymoon enjoying each other’s company more than the scenery,and families who came to enjoy  break from daily routine, tears rolled from my eyes just then I saw  a poster on  a wall “come lets spread smiles”.

I smiled by seeing that, I earn a lot and my parents are rich enough to give me money than I need, why not make someone else happy (when I can’t be). So I went straight to this place to donate them some money. As soon as I reached the ashram I was made to go for a man called G.K.Shetty, I always thought people into all this things will be kind of old but I got aback when I saw the man who opened the door for me. He was 6 feet tall, fair, high cheek bones in any country he will be termed as handsome, he wouldn’t have been older than 30. I don’t know what he had lost that made him do all this .

“What may I do for you” Mr.Shetty asked me as he invited me in to his room.

I showed him the poster

“Well, are you willing spend time with people you are donating for?”

“What? I was only here to donate”

“You should have read what’s in the poster clearly, we don’t want your money we want your presence, without that we don’t need you.”

“I am not into service, it’s not my thing”

“You seem reluctant, may ask you why you want to donate money here”

“Because you need it I presume”

“What people here want is love not money”

“What can I give, when I am only craving for love?”

“Come with me mam, I got to show you something”

He then took me inside the ashram, I saw a cradle surrounded by many boys and girls, I could hear the distant cries of baby.

“The baby lost its mother as soon as it was born, from then it has’t stopped crying “. He took the baby and gave it to me.

That was the most beautiful baby I ever saw, it was more delicate than a flower as soon as it reached my lap it stopped crying.

“The baby found its mother”, Mr.Shetty said, I don’t know what made the baby stop crying but it soon started sleeping in my lap, I place it inside the cradle.

“You know what people have this misconception that serving people means helping them, what they don’t know is its actually helping oneself”

That experience changed my perspective forever. I was always craving for love but there are people in the world who need love and care more than me, like that baby. Why do I have to be loved when there are so many in the world whom I can share my love with and bring a change in their lives?

I went back to the baby and started taking care of it. And of course why wouldn’t I, she is my baby from now on. Mr.Shetty was correct – finally the baby found its mother and I, the truth about love.

haneesha thanati

a juvenile ,who trying to understand the miracles of universe.

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