You have heard about it, you have seen plenty of it! It’s now time to get in and join the gang; be a part of a happening sensation world-wide! Welcome to the world of Zumba – the latest form of work out that everybody loves! A grand hit in the western countries, it is soon catching up in India as well. A fun filled way to be fit, a groovy combination of exercise on feet tapping Latin and international music, this fitness funda is soon becoming very popular with everybody.

A dance party, a fitness routine, an entertaining session, all rolled up into one. Created by dancer and choreographer– Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990’s, (origination – Columbia, South America) Zumba is taught by licensed instructors provided by the organization – Zumba Dance Academy. Each individual session lasts for about forty five minutes to an hour and the workout schedules in a week can be flexible and on an average, a single Zumba workout session can help burn 500-1000 calories.

You want to lose weight, to tone your body, to improve your stamina, to feel fit and healthy? Zumba allows you all of it and lots more. No special diets, no prescribed medications, no health consciousness; sheer physical workout that doesn’t even make you feel like you are exercising. Different schedules are available for different age groups, and since it is a form of exercise, Zumba has proven to be beneficial for all; be it kids, teenagers, youth or even people in their late fifties.

For those who love dancing, Zumba proves to be an added bonus! It not only helps you stay young and fit, but at the same time shake a leg in a very well structured, choreographed and enjoyable manner.

It comprises of mainly aerobics and Latin dance sequences, executed at a faster pace on a higher tempo of music. Salsa, cha cha, jive, rumba, meringue are all contributing components that form the base of Zumba music. Regular and rigorous workouts help tone the arms, chest, abs, thighs and other areas of the body. Apart from physical benefits, Zumba helps achieve strength from within, peace of mind and an elated level of calmness.

The latest trends observed are of Zumba theme parties, where in everybody dresses up fancifully. No age restrictions, no social barriers, one for all, all for one! People from various facets and social strata of life come together under one roof, for an evening of unlimited enjoyment. The most common themes witnessed are Hawaiian, Arabic and Masquerade.

A mesmerizing environment is created at any Zumba session. It makes you feel alive and spurs uninhibited positive vibes. The only criteria to get enrolled is your thirst for being fit! All it requires, is to be enthusiastic, no prior training or experience required.

Go ahead, get enrolled and have an experience to cherish for life time! Classes will be available at various outlets, fitness studious, gyms, dance classes, etc. All you have to do is Google & inquire!

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