Love Retreats

 It happened on a dark stormy night,

For a second when our tensed gazes met,

And the longing confusion was set at rest,

I laid my head slightly on your broad chest,

The silent promises we softly made,

Hoped there won’t be any farewell to bade,

You raised my chin to look into the eyes,

My eyes turned away as they were used to lies,

You covered me in your embrace to assure,

But my terrifying past made me unsure,


From time to time the gruesome past gushes,

Memory of me beaten up behind the bushes,

Violence behind love was unfolded,

Fear not love on which it bred,

I stuttered while recalling it,

You kissed my forehead and told to forget it,

I couldn’t and helplessly stared at the stormy sky,

But you encouraged me to at least try,

I turned to say it wouldn’t be possible,

Since I know the very feeling of being gullible……!!


I love reading, writing, painting and observing the surroundings.

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