Mobilize Your Mind

We all have some days we are bluish blue, dark blue, light blue…or simply blue. Sometimes, we are often characterized with the blue language or just guiding our own melancholic parade of thoughts to a destination blue. Enough of blue now, though. How does it end? We run to super-saviours chocolates, huge warm sweaters. Baking often helps. Meeting up old friends, catching up on a well rated TV show, perhaps.

Sometimes problems go deeper, a heartbreaking separation, death of a loved one, redundancy, betrayal of trust by a friend, failure to complete a very important task, failure to maintain and follow a schedule or medical conditions that restrict your lifestyle. Each of these challenges can surely knock back morale, largely because they require a change that you had not wanted to make. Mostly, the feeling of being powerless and being ill equipped to cope is where we surrender, but the constructive change doesn’t happen. However, some of these situations can be dealt with really small but, assuring changes or rituals.

Here is an insight on some handy rituals:

1)      Mimic your moans away:

Laughing at ourselves, maybe very useful at forgetting your madness or understanding it, you can definitely try this with your friend who annoys you the most. This will help you lighten an overly heavy situation.

2)      Make fitness fun:

Let’s make it clear, that fitness is not a choice but need. True that, but it still is indolent. First, you can think about what kind of enjoyment stimulates you. Then you can decide which of them will be the most uplifting. If adventure is your forte, then you could go hiking every weekend, cycling with new friends to new places. If you like music, you could do aqua- aerobics, ballroom dancing.

Cher, the famous singer and actress quotes, “If it came in bottle, everybody would have a great body”.

3)      Debate with enemy: You could log on to the website, which has opposite views to your own. You could start listening to music you don’t like or a politically-stirred conversation your blood boils to, don’t just rant, and respond! This should activate your brain cells!

4)      Feed a positive mood :

Here are some problems, and foods that can cure it:

-Anxiety: Folic acid and magnesium (green leafy vegetables, Cod, salmon, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, pulses, oranges, walnuts etc)

-Poor concentration: vitamin B (Brown bread, oats, rice, barley, spinach, lentils, cabbage, green peas, mussels etc)

-Depression: Vitamin B3, Vitamin B6 and C (Brown rice, rice bran, cabbage, sprouts, peanuts, chicken, tuna, salmon, sunflower seed, bananas, mango, potatoes etc)

Source: Wikipedia

The reasons for anxiety and depress, but for some reason we cannot seem to find out, how to prevent molehills of irritation from growing into volcanoes of rage?

According to Gael Lindelfield,

Don’t        Get          Too         Boiling   means:

Distance    ground   tension   Breathe

–          Distance yourself from things, try to not grab any object and as Grandma advises, sleep on it! One of the best ways to let it go!

–          Ground: IF you are gone into the fight mode, you can try firming your feet uncrossed on the ground or lightly balancing yourself against an object.

–          Tension can be released by clenching and unclenching your fists, shaking your wrists, releasing face muscles slowly.

–          Breathe fast, taking huge deep breaths and release keeping a count.

–          Try writing your ager down.


The worst thing you can do is, wait until a decision is forced on you- or made for you, quotes Hammond. So decide, and give mind fitness a chance!


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