Yoga :The secret to fitness

The Americans have embraced it. Barack Obama seems to be recommending it to his people. It definitely seems to be in vogue. But what about us Indians, after all this ancient practice of yoga is known to have originated in our country. It’s time we Indians too are reminded about the many health benefits of yoga. So here is a gentle reminder about yoga.

All those of us worrying about how to shed those extra kilos, look a little fitter, a little younger or wishing to unburden that mind of ours, yoga has a solution for every problem. Yoga shall ensure that it isn’t only your physical fitness that improves. After all a healthy body should be matched by a healthy mind. We all want a happy, purposeful and meaningful life and yoga might just help you to find that purpose and meaning .It helps you channelize your energy in more positive directions.

Coming back to losing a little weight. So why not hit the gym instead. After all the results are quicker. That toned, shapely body and quick results, who doesn’t want that? But there is a catch. A few months of missed gym and its back to square one or there may just be a chance that, you are worse than before. However the benefits of yoga last longer. Yoga is not a quick fix solution; it is more of a long term investment for a healthy body and mind.

Life isn’t that simple these days. It’s stressful and demanding. And at times it might prove to be quite a handful. Yoga helps you de stress, relax and find your way in the crowd of chaos. Unhealthy eating habits, shorter hours of sleep and all the stress! It might as well make you very tired and lethargic. A little time spent with yoga ensures that you are energetic all day and you can be the best version of yourself.

The long term benefits of yoga include better immunity. It has been found that yoga ensures that you are at your body is less susceptible to those irritating cold and cough scenes that you have always wanted to avoid. Add to that better flexibility (you know what that means right) and a perfect posture. Wait for it, there is more. A number of surveys have found that long term illnesses such as asthma and diabetes have shown improvement with the regular practise of yoga. Sounds a little hard to believe. It may not be an instant miracle but with some dedication and regularity yoga can go a long way to improving your health.

So for all those non believers out there. Give it a shot and you may be pleasantly surprised. There is a lot that it promises and it doesn’t hurt to try ….

Swagata Dutta

I am a college student who writes as a hobby....

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