Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab : a synonym for hatred? or a scape goat?

When Mumbai blazed with fire, when horror and terror’s grey blanket covered the city, when hundreds of people lost their lives, were injured and became handicapped,   a young guy of 21 filled with destructive zeal was pushed out from a car and was beaten to near death by the police officers because he fired unanimously amidst VST station and killed many innocent lives.

And soon after the whole hubbub, few intellectual people honored the boy with the title ‘terrorist ‘.

We, mere human beings love to get thrilled by whatever is one dimensioned, that is, what ever we see and hear.

There are few who try to think, try to discover ‘reasons’. We fail to ask a simple ‘why?’

Thus, being convinced by the reality that we know and believe as ‘reality’, there were discussions and interrogations and all the possible events occurred that is predictable under ‘law’.

And thus, according the law and the intellectual law makers, the punishment for the person who did such a grave blunder is to put him to death.

It happened and he is hanged till death. The whole process was done in sheer secrecy and after it was done, the whole country was left with shock.

Ensemble reactions have been received from people all around the country and even Pakistan.

Some are lighting up crackers, distributing sweets or some are mourning.

But they are loads, who are eager to ASK.

There are many who want to differentiate between the grey and the white, they want to know that does kasab’s death call for an end to terrorism??

‘People’ around are bothered about what he did and yes it’s something to be bothered about but this is also true that a coin has always two sides; there is always  two part of the story.

When you condemn him for killing mercilessly, everyone should also forgive him when he uttered his last words, he apologized to Allah for committing such a grave sin.

Yes, we, the society made him a terrorist.

Do you see the face of a human being behind the mask of a terrorist who has a soul by default.

A young boy of 17 leaves his home impulsively because his Abba can’t afford to buy him new clothes for Eid.

Now, whom do you point as a culprit?

Kasab’s father? Kasab? Or the society.

I guess the society and an un-uniformed structure of it.

The root is the problem of ‘the haves and the have nots’

Kasab’s father , a pakori vendor in a small village of Faridkot cannot afford clothes for his children in Eid.

Is it his fault?

Kasab got angry and he left.

Is it his fault?

He opted the way of being an amateur criminal till he met few members of Laskhar-e-Taiba  in Rawalpindi who were distributing leaflets in public.

Did any one left any honest option before a young boy who hasn’t received even his primary education?

It is easy to hurl accusations, to think superficially , to judge apparently, but to end an extensive epidemic named terrorism, we all need to think more, find out , understand and then draw conclusions.

Kasab was  nothing but a scape goat whose poverty had been encashed to make him work for some religion fanatic people who interpret and mould religious facts in accordance to their swift working of decay and destruction.

In the apparent reality that we live in, kasab is the culprit and thus hanged.

And if we continue to make decision basing upon such apparent things, more and more Kasab will be made, trained and brainwashed.

I came across an amazing comment somewhere about this event where a man has stated, ‘poverty is an excuse’. I was taken aback to see that people can think so inhumanly.

A family who has no surety that if they have a meal for lunch, whether they will get anything to eat for dinner or not, how can it be an excuse?

It is us, who have to keep a check on our intellect.

Yes, we have to hurl questions , we have to create a revolution.

‘let the ruling class tremble at a communist revolution’ is all we need.

Here the ruling class is referred to those people who didn’t leave any choice for kasab’s father, for kasab and for many like this.

Every human being aspires to live in comfort.

The roads vary, but no one can blame that particular person for choosing his way.

A doctor of medicine is not expected to be a professor of literature. Similarly, kasab with his own given circumstances did what he felt is needed.

He cared for his family and wished to give them some comfort as his bosses promised to pay 4000 US $ if he dies and be a martyr for which when he got caught and was put under interrogation, he pleaded the officials to kill him.

Nobody of us ever thought that why a young man of 21 will want to die who hasn’t cherished his real part of life.

Because we are busy being inhuman, busy accusing.

We forget that when we point a finger towards someone, the three other fingers are pointed at our own self.

To reform the society, to rebuild, we ourselves, as human beings have to undergo a massive rehabilitation so that it stretches our mindset and makes us more flexible and dynamic.

‘ an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ cannot be the mantra.

Few lives were killed so to avenge that the culprit is killed too.

And we call that law. And we call ourselves ‘civilized’.

Hanging a person is NOT THE WAY OUT.

I heard somewhere, the meaning of the word ‘manush’ in Bengali means a being who has self respect (‘man’) and has intellect (‘hush’)

We have disillusioned the whole meaning of it. According to us ego is equal to self respect and utter biased-ness and sheer orthodoxy is intellect due to which we are stuck with the apparent reality of believing Kasab was a terrorist but we are not probing deep to know why he was ‘manufactured’ one.

( I would like to use the term ‘manufacture’ because the upper hands of such ‘religious’ organizations brainwash some circumstantially victimized people and make them understand that killing people for the sake of Allah will give them moksh and a place in heaven. It is no better than manufacturing)

Appearances are deceptive and if we don’t realize this, more and more kasabs will come, kill and will be hanged.

If we go deep into the matter, it is the unavoidable poverty that made kasab a ‘terrorist’ which calls for the advent of communism in it’s real meaning of the term, which will result to a state of ‘economic’  balance.

Yes, it is easy to write with a cup of black coffee beside your laptop and having a faint ‘INXS’ in the background, but it is all I can do from my part of protest.

But I am sure, if we all start writing and voicing out our own individual opinion in this manner, the ‘intellectual faggots’ are bound to listen and react.

To conclude, all I can say, I don’t support kasab’s capital punishment because it is not the solution.

I wish and dream about a better world, a colorful world where the real meaning of Democracy is established.

And moreover I wish for a Revolution.

Shaking up the horrors of law makers and ‘politicians’

Including some dumb and inhumanly thinking humans.


Rest In Peace Ajmal Kasab (13th July 1987 – 21st November 2012)

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