Yes..A possible Solution!

For the past few weeks, I see the same headlines scrolling over and over on our television -A girl raped and tortured to hell before being thrown out of the bus. Either it might be a gang rape, molestation or a public humiliation and what not; we have always failed in every occasion to save women of our country.  I ask myself what can be done to bring an end to this. I get no answer. I bite my lips, clench my fist with anger and snort away with disgust and this has become a routine for a past few days. I suppose all of us are retorting in the same way.

We would love to see the Government employ Capital punishment under its jurisdiction for the crime but that certainly is not going to happen because there are many rape cases registered on our own Politicians which of course is not yet proved but they would certainly not take a chance of passing a bill on their own execution.

We have been seeing all sorts of articles coming out in newspapers, social networking websites on how to save ourselves if we are bound to face such a situation. Every article says either you to run faster or scream louder or stay in groups or to always carry a pepper spray in your bag which is definitely not going to help when there are four to five wolves attacking you at once. There has to be something which can be reliable, intimidating and at the same time help us be independent.

People of the West widely use Stun guns to protect themselves when they happen to face a situation of that sort. For all those who aren’t familiar of what a stun gun is-It is an Electroshock weapon that momentarily disables a person with an electric shock. Touching a person with the prongs on, the Stun Gun quickly immobilizes the attacker. However, because the amperage is very low, no serious or permanent injury is inflicted. There are wide varieties of Stun guns available in the market. There are also cell phone type stun guns available which are small in size and very effective.

Supposing you are cornered and four of them are ready to attack. If you are successful in pounding the one who attacks first down with the gun, this will make the leader of the group apprehensive and the group might leave the scene 99% of the times since they would always love to prey on an easy victim rather than try hard and get caught.

Sadly, Stun guns are restricted in India and also very expensive for a common woman to possess it. Considering the present chaos in our country hope our Government scraps the law, subsidizes the price and makes it compulsory for everyone to have it because we just can’t afford to witness an incident like this again. It’s already high time now, hope we all realize this and open our eyes before it’s too late. I reckon it IS already too late.

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