Is Bollywood responsible for the rape cases?

“….I could be walking naked, but no one still has the right to rape me..”, these were the words that Priyanka Chopra said in a recent press conference criticizing the brutal rape of the 23 year old girl from Delhi. These were the words which shook me entirely when I read it in the morning newspaper. A great statement made by a woman, an actress of great caliber who made India proud at international podium by winning Miss World 2000 and also recently launched her own album ‘In my city’!

The recent rape case made a few people target Bollywood for being responsible for it. The indecent lyrics of Bollywood songs and movies which showcased woman as an object of desire and the provocative clothes that women wear in the songs which become a trend among the teenagers who prefer to wear these for style causes the men to rape girls is what the reason was.

How much illogical reasoning and rubbish talks would we Indians give on such an issue that created a division among the sheer base of worshiping a woman for being a home-maker, a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter??

Wearing of provocative clothes or any Bollywood song or any clothing cannot be a damn reason for rape. It is based on the mindset of the people on what they see and think. And if this is what people think as a reason after this tragic incident, then there is no way why India shouldn’t be called a developing country.

Bollywood and media have helped so much in enhancing of our thoughts that we ourselves couldn’t imagine. The effect that Aamir Khan starrer, “Rang De Basanti” had on the Indian youth is a legend in itself. Then “Taare Zameen Par” showed every parent that their child is special and not a dumbo if he gets low marks and “3 idiots” showed that one should do what their heart tells them to!

No one killed Jessica‘ made by Raj Kumar Gupta and starring Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan showed the entire journey of the woman whose case was kept in court for a decade and no decision was taken on her killers in that time period.

Just imagine how many such cases are there pending in courts, how many women and girls who have been raped are running in and out of courts, asking for justice. But, instead of helping them out what we are doing is accusing Bollywood songs and the fashion industry that they are responsible. 

The huge criticism and the influence that this rape case made was all due to the ho-hum created by the social media like Facebook, Bollywood and the huge response that people (largely women) and the Bollywood celebrities gave was in itself a victory and it proved to be a kind of promise of bringing a change in the society of India and security for women.

The huge crowd at India Gate which challenged the Government showed that there was hope of revolution in a country where woman is considered a Goddess but still not given the privilege of one in the society.

Varun Gopal

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