Mowares – Creates your Mobile App by Drag and Drop

Have you ever heard or seen a wonder like creating a Mobile Application in just 10 minutes? Do you want to engage all your customers with the most advanced technological feats?  Now don’t begin to wonder about the connection between these two questions. Team Youthopia talked to Arjun Subburaj to give you the answers.

MOWARES is a mobile application development Platform-as-a-Service which is based on Open Source technologies and hosted in a private cloud. It has a drag and drop user interface for widgets (which are functional mobile tabs) that work as various things like RSS readers, Live Audio Streams, Event POIs etc and for design of the app in iOS and Android.

About the Creator

Arjun Subburaj is an entrepreneur who has recently released a drag ‘n’ drop mobile development engine. Using this solution, anyone with a basic idea can create an iOS or Android app in just 10 minutes and you can have it cloud hosted to scale up as per usage. 

By the time Arjun finished his school he realized that he is a tech addict and took the road of technology. Initially while doing his Engineering at Sathyabama University(Chennai), he worked at a company were he started with assembling computers. Later he completed his Masters in Information Technology from Edith Cowan University(Australia) were he simultaneously worked with Westnet Australia as a Technical Consultant.

In May 2010, he started his own company named Jun a Web Verse Private Limited in Chennai. It was a services company that took up retailers and publishers as clients for various mobile and social application development requirements. He then researched and developed MOWARES.
How to use MOWARES for launching your Mobile App?

In Arjun’s words “Let me give you an example. Let’s say Mr.Brown owns a restaurant called Marry Brown. He wanted to take an advantage of the Smartphone era, but could not afford a premium cost for developing a mobile application, hosting and managing it. So he logged into MOWARES, created his mobile app by dragging and dropping widgets and design elements. He could also add contents of his restaurant like menu items, table bookings, chef profiles etc. and even form a user social network through the app. He can even track detailed traffic for his restaurant from the App.

 Later if he wants to list all his restaurant branches so that his users can find on their maps the closest Marry Brown to their location, He can drag n drop a widget called ‘Places’, which allows him to either manually enter them using a WYSIWYG editor or upload in bulk as a CSV. He can keep updating it whenever he wants and the changes will reflect in his users’ devices right away.


In brief, Mr.Brown who has no coding knowledge or unlimited cash pile, has engaged his customers by just using a drag ‘n’ drop option. The same solution can be applied for publishers, retailers, sports clubs, organizations etc.”




So what MOWARES offers is a platform for novices and amateurs to go ahead and convert their Idea into Action by creating their own mobile app. We see applications like these have the potential to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem to the next level by removing technology hindrances. Kuddos to Arjun and MOWARES team for the feat!


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