The Return of The Prodigal Wizard- Harry Potter

The date was 30th June, 1997. A young bespectacled boy of the age of 11 and his two friends entered my life entered my life for the very first time on that day. They became my best friends and they showed me a world I had not known before. A world full of wonder and magic. They taught me the power of friendship and how with true faith, good always triumphs over evil (albeit with a little help from a wonderful , warm old man who could regale us with magical stories of his youth). They came that fateful day 

and have not yet left my life. Sounds very familiar, isn’it?

Yes, It is Harry Potter and his two friends Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger . The trio from Hogwarts whose adventures we have all grown up with. The boy whose tales have kept our midnight oils burning and transported us to the magical world of his. The platform 9 and ¾, the Hogwarts Express, The Diagon Alley, The Quidditch matches and much more comes back flooding . This magical series of seven fantasy books from J.K. Rowling gave us some of our best times as we sat around in groups discussing plot lines, giving away spoilers and getting chased by our dear friends who had not read the books. We even had full-fledged Harry Potter quizzes testing the wits and knowledge of the hardcore Potter maniacs. The Golden period of our school life was made even more magical and memorable by this gang of similar aged wizards and their heroic quest to overcome the dark “Lord Voldemort” with assistance from the grandfatherly Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape.  Like all good things, Seven years ago, this series too came to an end. We all tearfully bid goodbye to one of our childhood heroes with the hopes of one day seeing him return.

That promised has just been fulfilled by J.K. Rowling who has written a short story on her blog bringing back Harry Potter once again. The Gang has had a Hogwarts reunion. Harry and his friends have grown up and they are leading very successful lives. Spoiler alert ahead, readers.

Harry Potter is all grown up once. He is now an Auror and he still wears his characteristic round glasses. Along with the lightning bolt shaped cut on his forehead, he has a cut on his cheek (being an Auror, that was bound to happen) . Harry’s wife , Ginny works for the Daily Prophet reporting the Quiddtch World Cup 2014, where they have all met. Hermoine is the deputy head of Department of Magical Law Enforcement and Ron is co-managing the joke shop Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. All this is seen through the eyes of Rita Skeeter, the ever-intruding reporter for the Daily Prophet.

Having given away quite a few spoilers, this is a chance to relive some of those glorious days of Harry Potter, of spells and duels, the Butterbeer, the OWLs and so much more. Have a look yourself and immerse yourself in the magic once again and turn back the clock once more.

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