007 Gadgets That Inspire Me

Technology sure plays a very significant part in our life. Yet, for a girl like me technology tends to ruin that personal touch. I would much very read a book lazing around in my armchair, sipping a cup of coffee while turning each page rather than sitting in front of my laptop and scrolling down.  I still prefer to take a walk early in the mornings, strolling through lanes with a light breeze in the air rather than sweating it out on treadmill confined in a room with other people around me. My point being writing about technology made me very apprehensive at first. However, the first thought that crossed my mind whenever I read ‘technology’ is gadgets. And so, even a girl like me who absolutely cannot not notice how truly wonderful and amazing though sometimes farfetched and unbelievable James Bond gadgets are! Being a hardcore action-thriller fan I adore James Bond movies and of course its sensational, jumping-from-towers-and-driving-magnificent-sleek-sexy-cars hero- the James Bond. But the gadgets used in these movies just brings out the emotions in me that I never knew even existed. They make you stop and admire how remarkable and genius their innovation is. Without these gadgets, James Bond is like Harry Potter without his wand! (Pardon my bad use of simile, but it is exactly how I can describe the deep need for gadgets in Bond movies.) In a true sense, these gadgets cast a spell on you and leave you with desire and hunger for them. Here, is a list I have compiled of many gadgets used in James Bond movies that have definitely stirred my emotions for appreciating technology (even when they are highly exaggerated yet convincing).

  • Magnetic wristwatch: used in the movie ‘Live and Let Die’ it is a modified version of Rolex Submariner. When this cool watch is turned on, it can tear apart any lightweight metallic piece. According to Bond, it can also deflect a bullet!
  • Brush transmitter: again used in the movie ‘Live and let Die’, it is a clothing brush with radio hidden inside it. It permits the user to transmit messages in ‘Morse Code’. Now this is something useful I wish I had when I am hiding in my bathroom from my ‘distant’ relatives!
  • Wet bike: used ceremoniously in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, is it Bonds’ personal item. It is believed they were first few of the water bikes used today known famously known as Jet Skis.
  • Poison pens: CIA agent Holly Goodhead in ‘Moonraker’ used this one but I just could not ignore the simplicity of it! It has a retractable poison induced needle that is activated by clicking its top. They could surely come in handy for women along with pepper sprays in their purses.
  • Communication wristwatch: If my facts are correct, this one is a highly modified version of Seiko H357 wristwatch used in the movie ‘For Your Eyes Only’. It has the ability to receive digital message that can be read on LCD display above the watch dial. It is a two-way radio transmitter.
  • Revolving sofa: the gadget is developed by the Q-branch in the movie ‘The Living Daylights’- a sofa swallows whoever sits on it. Would I be too cruel if I make my brother sit on it when he annoys me?!
  • Signature camera gun: used in ‘License to Kill’, this is my dream come true gadget- a camera turns into a sniper rifle when put together. The most amazing feature is that Bond can only use it due to its scanner built into the grip.
  • Multitouch Table: this mind-blogging gadget was used in ‘Quantum of Solace’ by M. it was actually the size of an entire table where one could just flung, toss, hurl, rotate, turn and rotate documents. It also allowed its user to drill and scan document just with a simple touch of your finger. It is on my list-to-buy-when-i-become-billionaire!
  • Car invisibility cloak: Pierce Brosnan’s last ride in ‘Die Another Die’ in his beloved Vanquish still haunts my dreams since I first saw it in 2002. The mechanism behind creating this extraordinary piece of metal was use of minuscule cameras and screens. These reflected the other side of the car. So essentially one could actually see through the car.
  • Ericsson Phone: James Bond exclusively used Ericsson phone in his 1997 movie ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’. While normal phones in 1997 could make and receive calls the one showcased in the movie, could undo locks, scan fingerprints and even work as a stun gun. The most implausible feature was its ability to communicate with a German BMW. Sounds too technologically advanced, does it not?

Believable or not these gadgets and many of such that have went unmentioned have entertained us for the past 50 years since the first Bond movie ‘Dr. No’ was released in 1962. Moreover, these have been a real inspiration to make creativity and imagination a reality. They have even managed to rouse curiosity and interest for people like me who are technophobe. In addition, a very must mention here goes to the Q department- the brains behind these fascinating gizmos!




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