Make the E-Move!

“Youth is the most powerful resource, ignited mind of youth is indeed the biggest force on the earth, above the earth & below the earth” – Dr. APJ. Abdul kalam

Many of us don’t even know the usage of this word, probably not very easy to pronounce -“ENTREPRENEURSHIP“.

Ask any one walking on the road to spell it and for sure we’ll notice its often wrongly  uttered- either one or more E’s and U’s missing from the word. The reason behind this is that not many people have tread the path of entrepreneurship.

As it sounds, it is a combination of hard work, dedication and luck. When you decide to become the next Sachin Tendulkar, Micheal Jackson, Priyanka Chopra, Kalyan Varma you become an entrepreneur.

Each individual has his/her own definition of entrepreneurship. “Entrepreneurship is the willingness to follow your dream and feel certain about what others perceive as a risk”, and in simple words entrepreneurship is nothing but following your heart & soul and making an effort to fulfill it. The most crucial element that goes in ismaking the first move. Ideas are available everywhere, I see many individuals talking about starting up, but there are not many who execute. It’s not the money that comes and goes, knowledge can be regained, but can the first move be taken?

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always one after another coming” said Richard Branson. But right bus takes us to right destination, and similarly right decision takes us to achieve our ambition.

When I was 14yrs Old, I was told, “If everybody chooses to become an employee, and then who will be the employer”. Without any in-depth knowledge I made up my mind to be an entrepreneur and slowly figured out what exactly entrepreneurial journey is and what qualities are required to be one.

In my view, an entrepreneur is a person who takes the risk of organizing and operating a new venture. He is not just a manager or a capitalist, he is both. He adorns multiple caps and has multiple responsibilities to fulfill. Entrepreneurs are the leaders who are pillars of support and heart of the business. The essence of leadership lies in inspiring a group to come together for a common goal. Leaders motivate, console and work with people to keep them bound towards the goal.

Every entrepreneur must question himself. “Am I willing to work for long hours? Am I Committed to entrepreneurship or not? Am I ready to take up the responsibility?” The only answer that echoes is Passion. This passion drives him/her to figure out from where to get his resources and how to manage them. It also helps them get past obstacles that come on their way. They should remember that any Business is like a car, it will not run itself except on downhill.

Neither the employer nor the CEO or chairman is the boss. People holding highest position in the company are also employees. The company itself is supreme, the company is the boss and everybody works for it. To simplify further my point I would quote “I never dreamt to be the next Bill gates or Steve jobs, but I always want my company to be the next Microsoft, Apple or the next BIG THING”. I feel every entrepreneur should carry the same ideology and passion.

We are living in interesting times. The progress that we can make as individuals is only limited to our imagination. So one should go ahead, break barriers and irrespective of to whatever hurdles you face, jump over them to finish the race! Just Succeed!!! Entrepreneurial adventure will become most exciting journey ever discovered!!


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