The Man Who Knew – Nikola Tesla

We all tend to look at social service in different ways. It depends on how one defines ‘social’. According to me, to help the world as a whole is to help each and every living soul in it. We have Blue Cross to aid animals and Red Cross to help humans. But has someone ever thought of an organization to safeguard and protect the World, the sole reason to why we exist?

Humanitarianism is not just about providing a helping hand to the ones who need it at the present. It is also about sustainable socialism. We should not exhaust all the available hands for the needy in the present but should also think about the future whether the current case scenario will worsen or get better. We never think about the worst case scenario that might happen. Instead of providing a better world for the upcoming generation, why not prepare our upcoming generation to adapt in the present world and not worsen it. Such is the kind of forward thinking we need the most now.

Nikola Tesla was one such revolutionist. He knew everything. Or rather, he had a hunch about everything. He was able to foresee the outcome of excessive use of energy resources and predict the shortcomings that scientist and environmentalists failed to see. We seldom come across a philanthropic scientist (Tony Stark being the only other blend of a scientist and a philanthropist) and Mr. Tesla was one. His famous quote ‘Energy is not yours or mine. It is everybody’s to harness’ is not restricted to electricity and power but also the energy present everything and anything, even air.

Resources, in whatever form they may be, is bound to be overused. Nikola Tesla predicted this years before we even came up with the term sustainable development. His idea of free clean energy is what will us now from this ill struck world which keeps deteriorating day by day and us humans are the ones to be blamed. His opinion stemmed from the belief that humans’ “pity” had interfered with the natural “ruthless” workings of nature”, rather than from the conceptions of a “master race” or inherent superiority of one person over another. His advocacy was however, to push it further.

It is high time a Tesla minded human erupted from amongst the seven billion of. It is after years that we even realize what Nikola Tesla was trying to convey. But it has become too late to follow his methods. We should always choose what is better for the whole lot of us when it comes to choosing sides on a bigger scale. Technology has both advanced us and ruined us. We must choose to reduce the latter and develop on the former in an eco-friendly way. There is Tesla inside each and every one of us. But his own inventions have made us ignore that and forget the legacies he left behind.



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