Passionate about making a difference: The Sphoorti Foundation

Creating an impact on people isn’t always an easy thing to do. It requires more than just having the heart and desire to help others. But ask Srivyal Vuyyuri and he begs to differ. An Economics graduate from Ohio by qualification, Srivyal had no doubts about his passion to help the not so privileged and give back to the society. Hence it didn’t take long before the idea of Sphoorti Foundation began to take shape with it eventually being founded in the year 2006.

The begining didn’t come easy though. Facing apprehensions and opposition from family and friends, it started off modestly by first obtaining a premise and only three children. Then there was also the challenge to find the right kind of people to work and take care of the children. Things started getting a little better over time and they eventually moved into their current location with a gradual increase in the number of children.

Currently situated in the faraway landscape of Cherlapalli, Sphoorti foundation now prides itself for having come such a long way in a very short span of time. It houses over 100 underprivileged children presently in three different houses. The children who are taken in are usually the ones from broken homes or from poverty stricken families who cannot afford to take care of them, children of sex workers and those whose families have been ravaged by HIV/AIDS. Taking full responsibility and providing opportunity to this next generation of India, Sphoorthi not only aims to provide these children with basic amenities such as food, shelter and clothing but also empowering them thorough education to be able to find their stand and compete with the world. Guiding and counseling is also given to those from disturbed backgrounds.

Looking ahead Sphoorthi has bigger and better aims. They are now working on Dundigal Campus project and trying to increase their housing capacity so that they can impact more and more number of children in the years to come.

This organization is a blessing to all those underprivileged children who like any other, only dream and hope of achieving something big when they grow up.

Afrin Humayon

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