Staying Fit with Fido

If you’re one of those unlucky people who’ve had to/still is battling the bulge, you’re gonna relate with this. This is the most sensitive conversation I have with people and I tend to avoid it at all costs. So do countless other people. But hey, its time to stop running, turn back and face it head on. As for the unlucky part, I say so not because¬† we are what we are(Yes, I’m on that list, too. And no, you have no idea how happy I am to be slowly making my way off of it). I say unlucky because we are making it hard on ourselves, as if what the world does isn’t bad enough.

The world is one big , judgmental place, and I say it with complete sensitivity (Pun Intended).¬† What is Trending one week is out of trend the next. And most ironically, being not-so-slim was never on Trend to begin with(I don’t really know when it was in trend. Most likely, it never was). So, the not-so-slim people never have it easy.

The woes of not being on the current fitness trend needs no telling. If you’re rolling your eyes at this, like ‘Duh! When was it ever easy?’, I know. I don’t want to talk about how being not-so-slim(No. I’m not gonna say the F word here. Do what you will.) is not great at all. Ask anyone who is battling the calories and you’ll know(Actually, don’t ask. It’s called being Insensitive and is still wrong). And no, I’m not gonna write about the seemingly sad life of such people, either. (For heaven’s sake, people, we are out of shape; not paralyzed. You needn’t sympathize with us. Nor do you need to give us the ‘What’s-that-creature?’ look.)

My battle with the bulge is legendary in my household. I’ve tried every old wives’ tale, every dieting tip, every workout routine, to the T. It would appear to work, until I would quit it and go back to sulking about my weight issue. I’ve even ended up spending a week at the hospital for Fatigue resulting from ‘extreme dieting’.

While it is a battle I’m still fighting, I discovered a way to stick to it. While most people would guess stuff like a Fitness Journal or a Motivation Plan, I got myself a dog. Yes, a lovely little Labrador Retriever. I named him Sirius(Yes, As in Sirius Black from Harry Potter. I’m a huge fan of the franchise).Believe it or not, I don’t find workouts to be so horrible anymore.

The sight of the little fellow wagging his tail so delightedly every morning turns the most miserable workout sessions better. He is my best friend and my most honest critique because he could be so judgmental when I don’t take him out for a walk in the morning. The accusing look he throws me whenever I don’t find time to play fetch with him is very, very powerful and I dare not disappoint him.

It has also been psychologically proven that people with dogs have a lower chance of falling into a depression. Hey, it’s a win-win situation. While most people find pets troublesome, they are absolutely delightful and an excellent way to stick to your workout schedule. It wasn’t wrong when they said A pet enters your home and dwells in your heart. Add to that the fact they make excellent Workout Companions. Sometimes, we need a gentle nudge towards the goal and what better way than a Dog to do it?

May your pet guide you on your path to fitness!  

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