I cared for you, without even showing it

But then I saw you with my heart

And I saw you throwing it

Now, I’m trying to rebuild my heart

Bringing together these scattered pieces is just the start

When you smiled, it thrilled me

But now I realize that it was nothing but your nonchalance

Because it is your nonchalance which killed me



It’ll be hard for me to understand

The reason behind you leaving my hand

Now, I get a feeling that I’ve landed up in no man’s land

You’ve flown right out of my hand like a river of pebble and sand

Your eyes mesmerized me, but now they haunt me

With fear and ignominy, your eyes have filled me

It is all because of your nonchalance

Because it is nothing but your nonchalance that killed me


My heart has begun running riot

It doesn’t need the world anymore

I hold it tight it is right there in my sight

Now, as I pay heed to it, I see that it has turned wan and dull

There was a time when it was sanguine and bright


It attempts to find you in everyone, leaves no stone unturned

Like there’s no one else in this world

It is the truth that people say
With hearts, promise keepers don’t play

And for those of us, who get trapped in the words of the heart

It’s not at all easy for them to make a fresh start

Do a favour on this heart
It keeps dwindling, like a broken cart
In the uneven terrains of togetherness and love

It is dragged down every time it tries to rise up and above

When you asked for reasons, you scrutinized and grilled me

But I replied, without any protest

And now I know that it was all a part of your nonchalance
Because it is nothing but your nonchalance that killed me