Novel Thoughts

Novel? well, if the first thought that comes to our mind is that of it being just another piece of work by an author, we need to take some time out to delve a little deeper into this “just another piece of work”, then we realize that the writer intends to convey a lot more than just a mere presentation of his plot.

For, there are many genres in writing, just like most forms of art, viz. humor, sci-fi, fiction, thriller, patriotic you name it. These novels, seem to convey a strong underlying message, to which the reader can connect and relate. Each author has their own sort of “signature” style of writing, which translates in the way they express their views. While the book itself, apart from providing sheer pleasure of reading and also knowledge on various facets, aides readers in shaping opinions and also analyzing things in a critical way on diverse aspects.

So, the next time we pick up a novel, if we just look a little deeper, and read “beyond the words”,we might have for ourselves a few takeaways, not to mention a whole new experience!

Suhas Sunil Garde

Engineering graduate, who loves circuits, with a soft corner for writing... Laid back and funny, at the best of times! Sports enthusiast, love my soccer and cricket.

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